Frigate Elli class

Originally two Kortenaer class ships for the Royal Netherlands Navy they were sold during construction to Greece and replaced by the Jacob van Heemskerck class in Dutch service. Further eight ex-Kortenaer vessels arrived in the 1990s


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List of Ships

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GRHellenic NavyF450HS ElliSZCP1981--
GRHellenic NavyF451HS LimnosSZCS1982--
GRHellenic NavyF460HS AegaeonSZDR1993--
GRHellenic NavyF459HS AdriasSZDT1994--
GRHellenic NavyF461HS NavarinonSZDS1995--
GRHellenic NavyF462HS KountouriotisSZCT1998--
GRHellenic NavyF463HS BouboulinaSZCQ2001--
GRHellenic NavyF464HS KanarisSZCU2001--
GRHellenic NavyF465HS ThemistoclesSZCG2002--
GRHellenic NavyF466HS Nikiforos FokasSZCH2003--

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1981-oct-10CommissionedGR F450 HS Elli
1982-oct-18CommissionedGR F451 HS Limnos
1993-may-14CommissionedGR F460 HS Aegaeon
1994-mar-30CommissionedGR F459 HS Adrias
1995-mar-1CommissionedGR F461 HS Navarinon
1997-dec-15CommissionedGR F462 HS Kountouriotis
2014-dec-28GR F461 HS Navarinon mv Norman Atlantic Rescue rescue operations during Norman Atlantic fire
2016-junGR F466 HS Nikiforos Fokas SNMG2 part of SNMG2
2017-mar-31DeploymentGR F461 HS Navarinon Ariadne 2017 Participated in Ariadne 2017 mine countermeasures exercise
2017-sepDeploymentGR F462 HS Kountouriotis assigned to NATO SNMG2
2017-sepDeploymentGR F451 HS Limnos assigned to NATO SNMG2

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