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    Frigate Niteroi class

    The Vosper Thornycroft Mk10 design was announced in 1970 comprising four ships to be built in the UK and two in Brazil. They were all equipped with SAM Sea Cat but F42/43 have a different layout (see photos in ship pages) with a second 114mm gun plus 2 pairs of MM38 Exocets whilest the rest used the Ikara antisubmarine rocket launcher instead. They were all upgraded between 1995/2005 with SAM Aspide as pictured. The last ship U27 is sligthly different and configured as a training vessel


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    3700full load (tn)
    129length (m)
    13.50beam (m)
    5.50draught (m)
    30max speed (knots)
    4Naval Engine diesel
    2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Olympus
    2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG
    1Torpedo Launchers Ikara
    1Naval Radar navigation radar ZW-06
    2Naval Radar fire direction radar Selenia Orion RTN-10X


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        Typical Max
    BR Brazilian Navy Westland Lynx mk21 11
    BR Brazilian Navy SNIA HB355F2 Esquilo 01
    BR Brazilian Navy Westland Super Lynx mk21a 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    BR Arsenal de Marinha - Ilha das Cobras3
    UK Vosper Thornycroft - Woolston4

    List of Ships

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    BRBrazilian NavyF40NiteroiPWNI1976--
    BRBrazilian NavyF41DefensoraPWDE1977--
    BRBrazilian NavyF42ConstituiçãoPWCO1978--
    BRBrazilian NavyF43LiberalPWLI1978--
    BRBrazilian NavyF44Independência1979--
    BRBrazilian NavyF45UniãoPWUN1980--
    BRBrazilian NavyU27BrasilPWBL1986--

    7 units


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    1972-feb-14Laid downBR F41 Defensora
    1972-jun-8Laid downBR F40 Niteroi
    1972-jun-11Laid downBR F44 Independência
    1972-jun-11Laid downBR F45 União
    1974-feb-8LaunchedBR F40 Niteroi
    1974-mar-13Laid downBR F42 Constituição
    1974-sep-2LaunchedBR F44 Independência
    1975-mar-15LaunchedBR F45 União
    1975-mar-27LaunchedBR F41 Defensora
    1975-may-2Laid downBR F43 Liberal
    1976-apr-15LaunchedBR F42 Constituição
    1976-nov-20CommissionedBR F40 Niteroi
    1977-feb-7LaunchedBR F43 Liberal
    1977-mar-5CommissionedBR F41 Defensora
    1977-jul-14TrialsBR F41 Defensora trials with Lynx HAS.2 XZ232in UK waters
    1978-mar-31CommissionedBR F42 Constituição
    1978-nov-19CommissionedBR F43 Liberal
    1979-sep-3CommissionedBR F44 Independência
    1980-sep-17CommissionedBR F45 União
    1981-junOrderedBR U27 Brasil
    1981-sep-18Laid downBR U27 Brasil
    1983-sep-23LaunchedBR U27 Brasil
    1986-aug-21CommissionedBR U27 Brasil
    2009-octPort VisitBR U27 Brasil visited Pool of London alongside HMS Belfast and departed 15 Oct
    2009-oct-5DeploymentBR F41 Defensora Exercise Joint Warrior 09-2 participated in Ex JW 09-2, with Lynx N-4006 embarked
    2010-apr-24Port VisitBR F44 Independência week long visit to Liverpool, UK
    2010-jun-28Port VisitBR F44 Independência Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy visited Halifax for MARLANT Fleet Review
    2011DeploymentBR F45 União UNIFIL / NorAir / ItalAir with AH-11A Super Lynx embarked
    2012-apr-10DeploymentBR F43 Liberal departed Rio de Janeiro Naval Base on 8 month deployment with UNIFIL (off Lebanon), returned in Feb 2013 having relieved Union.
    2013-feb-9Port VisitBR F43 Liberal visit to Natal, until 13 Feb.
    2014-sep-28Port VisitBR U27 Brasil visited Pool of London alongside HMS Belfast and departed 3 Oct
    2015-sep-29Port VisitBR U27 Brasil visited Pool of London alongside HMS Belfast
    2016-sep-15Port VisitBR U27 Brasil visited Pool of London alongside HMS Belfast
    2019-oct-15Port VisitBR U27 Brasil moored alongside HMS Belfast for 5 day visit to London
    2021-oct-6Port VisitBR U27 Brasil Visited London Cruise Terminal at Tilbury
    2022-sep-28Port VisitBR U27 Brasil visited Pool of London alongside HMS Belfast.

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