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  • ES Halcon class

    Coast Guards


        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    AR Mantilla class 1982
    MX Uribe class 1982
    ES FS Serviola class 1991


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    List of Ships

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    ARArgentine Coast GuardGC-24Mantilla class PNA MantillaL2AA1982--
    ARArgentine Coast GuardGC-25Mantilla class PNA AzopardoL2AB1983--
    ARArgentine Coast GuardGC-26Mantilla class PNA ThompsonL2AC1983--
    ARArgentine Coast GuardGC-27Mantilla class PNA Prefecto FiqueL2AD1983--
    ARArgentine Coast GuardGC-28Mantilla class PNA Prefecto DerbesL2AE1983--
    ESSpanish NavyP-71Serviola class Serviola1991--
    ESSpanish NavyP-72Serviola class Centinela1991--
    ESSpanish NavyP-73Serviola class Vigia1992--
    ESSpanish NavyP-74Serviola class Atalaya1992--

    9 units


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