UK River (RN Group II) class




1370light (tn)
91.70length (m)
11.20beam (m)
3.60draught (m)

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
PT Portuguese Air Force SNIA Alouette II 01


UK A J Inglis - Pointhouse1
UK Charles Hill and Sons Ltd - Spike Island1

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19431949UKRoyal NavyK97HMS AvonMWYT
19491970 PT Portuguese Navy F332 NRP Nuno Trsitão
19431957UKRoyal NavyK253HMS HelmsdaleGGMR

2 units


1942-jan-01OrderedOrdered UK K253 HMS Helmsdale
1942-aug-13Laid downLaid down UK K253 HMS Helmsdale Yard No 1185
1943-jan-08Laid downLaid down UK K97 HMS Avon Yard No 294.
1943-jun-05LaunchedLaunched UK K253 HMS Helmsdale
1943-jun-19LaunchedLaunched UK K97 HMS Avon at Bristol
1943-sep-18CommissionedCommissioned UK K97 HMS Avon
1943-oct-15CommissionedCommissioned UK K253 HMS Helmsdale
1946-sep-04TrialsTrials UK K253 HMS Helmsdale first landing of Sikorsky R-4 on main deck of an RN frigate, near Portland, by Lt Alan Bristow in KK969 of 771 NAS
1949-aprDecommissionedDecommissioned UK K97 HMS Avon
1949-mayFate: transferedFate: transfered UK K97 HMS Avon to Marinha Portuguesa
1949-mayCommissionedCommissioned PT F332 NRP Nuno Trsitão ex RN HMS Avon
1957-nov-14Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped UK K253 HMS Helmsdale arrived Faslane 7 Nov
1959-jul-25DeploymentDeployment PT F332 NRP Nuno Trsitão departed Bayonne for Lisbon, with Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia aboard.
1964DeploymentDeployment PT F332 NRP Nuno Trsitão off Guinea
1970-janDecommissionedDecommissioned PT F332 NRP Nuno Trsitão
1972Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped PT F332 NRP Nuno Trsitão at Alhos Verdo, Lisboa

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