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  • BD Type C13B Shadhinota class




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    1330full load (tn)
    90length (m)
    11beam (m)
    4.40draught (m)
    25max speed (knots)


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    CN CSIC Wuchang - 4

    List of Ships

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    BDBangladesh NavyF111BNS Shadhinota2016--
    BDBangladesh NavyF112BNS ProttoyS3VW2016--
    BDBangladesh NavyF113BNS SangramS3VX2020--
    BDBangladesh NavyF114BNS ProttashaS3VY2020--

    4 units


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    2014-nov-30LaunchedBD F111 BNS Shadhinota at Wuchang, China
    2014-dec-30LaunchedBD F112 BNS Prottoy at Wuchang, China
    2015-jul-21OrderedBD F113 BNS Sangram
    2015-jul-21OrderedBD F114 BNS Prottasha
    2016-mar-19CommissionedBD F111 BNS Shadhinota
    2016-mar-19CommissionedBD F112 BNS Prottoy
    2016-aug-9Laid downBD F113 BNS Sangram
    2016-aug-9Laid downBD F114 BNS Prottasha
    2017-mar-13DeploymentBD F112 BNS Prottoy departed Chittagong for Malaysian visit, returned 1 Apr.
    2018-feb-21LaunchedBD F113 BNS Sangram at Wuchang, China
    2018-apr-8LaunchedBD F114 BNS Prottasha
    2019-may-14Port VisitBD F111 BNS Shadhinota IMDEX Asia 2019 attended IMDEX Asia 2019.
    2020-jun-18CommissionedBD F113 BNS Sangram
    2020-nov-5CommissionedBD F114 BNS Prottasha

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