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Helicopter Stories

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In a few decades, the helicopter had became a versatile machine, perhaps like any other human invention. They are used every day in a large number of roles but none of them is so important like the one of save lives ...

1933, Antarctica - Mysterious Aircraft in Antarctica by Lou Ann D. Haddock
1944, New York USA - The 1st Mission by Tom Beard
1945, Burma - Medevac in WWII by Ed Holmes
1945, Philipines - Five Years Before MASH by Fred Duncan
1951, San Francisco - Hand of God by Paul H. Goodley M.D.
1956, Marshall Islands - H-19 at Eniwetok by Harry L. Francis
1962, Vietnam - Stingers by the Pop a Smoke! Team
1964, Canada - Search and Rescue Wife by Annette Belanger
1965, Atsugi, Japan - HC-1 on USS Mars by Glenn Bingham
1968, Alaska - Tour of Duty in Alaska by Freddie T. DeVore
1970, Vietnam - MEDEVAC, US Marines 1ST MAW, MAG-16 by Pete Walker
1970, Vietnam - Vinh Long Army Airfield by Rick Haffey
1970, Atsugi & Camp Fuji, Japan - NIPPI rework facility by Hale Irwin
1976, Gulf of Mexico - 80 foot hoist by Barry Williams
1978, Sitka - US Coast Guard HH-3F Pelican by Barry Williams
1980s - Seismic Helicopter by Randall Sowa
1980, Iran - Operation Eagle Claw - The failed rescue of American hostages
1982, Falklands/Malvinas - Pebble Island Evacuation by Santiago Aversa
1986, Norway - Wire Strike by Phil Glover
1997, Oregon USA - An  "Impossible" Situation An incident report from the US Forest Service
1999, Wyoming USA - Daring Rescue US Air Force press news
2000, Montana USA - Military to Civilian by Jim Oltersdorf
2002, Afghanistan - AH-64 in Afghanistan by Rich Chenault
2005, USA - Hurricane Katrina
2006, Canada, BC Cormorant Rescue by AgustaWestland

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