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Agusta Helicopters Part II

1966 : Agusta-Bell AB 205 The next version of the Huey

1967 : Agusta-Sikorsky AS 61 Agusta starts building the Sikorsky S-61 Sea King under license.

1967 : Agusta A 109 Project begun

1968 : Agusta A 120B / A 123 The first was a high speed medium range compound transport model powered with 3 GE turbines of 3400 hp each. The A 123 was another compound helicopter but with 2 Lycoming of 1800 hp each.
Both projects were cancelled.

1968 : Agusta-Bell AB 206 One of the most world popular helicopters, the Jet Ranger

1969 : Agusta A 109B First military version, cancelled

1971 : Agusta-Bell AB 212 Bell 's twin-engine version of the Huey, the Twin Two Twelve

August 4, 1971 : Agusta A 109C Hirundo

A 109A Mk 2
Rotor diameter: 11 m
Length: 13 m
Height: 3.30 m
Weight: 1790 kg - Max: 2600
Engine: 2 Allison 250 of 420 hp
Speed: Max: 280 km/h
Range: 550 km
Service Ceiling: 4450 m

Agusta A109

1973 : AB 212ASW An AB212 optimized for naval warfare. It has provision for an Emerson Dual Flexible Turret System for machineguns or a cannon, and carries up to 500 kg of disposable stores carried on two hardpoints one on each side of the fuselage, typically comprising Mk 46 torpedoes and Sea Killer anti-ship missiles.

1973 : Agusta-Sikorsky HH-3F

The Sikorsky S-61R variant.

1976 : First production model A 109 delivered

Italian Air Force HH-3F

1978 : Agusta A 129 Project begun

1980s : Agusta A 139 Agusta was near to sign a join-venture to the argentine FMA ( Aviation Military Factory, at that moment part of the Argentine Air Force, now part of Lockheed ) to built a civilian helicopter development of the A129 but the project was cancelled due funds problems.

1981 : EH industries A Join-Venture with Westland. The EH-101 Naval helicopter project begun

1981 : Agusta-Bell AB 412 The four bladed main rotor of the Bell 212

1983 : Agusta-Bell AB 412 Griffon The military variant of the AB 412

September 15, 1983 : Agusta A 129 Mangusta ( Mongoose )

1985 : Agusta A109K

1985 : Model A 109 number 300 take-off

1987 : Agusta ASH-3H Improved variant of the ASH-3D Sea King

A129 Mangusta

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