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  • XV-15

    Bell 301

    In 1972, with funding from NASA and the US Army, Bell Helicopter Textron started development of the XV-15, a twin-engine tiltrotor research aircraft.

    The first flight was on May 3rd, 1977. Two aircraft were built to prove the tilt-rotor design and explore the operational flight envelope for military and civil applications.

    The first prototype, N702NA, crash in 1992 but the second, N703NA, continue to perform test flights until 2003 when was donated to the Smithsonian museum. All the experience gained with this aircraft lead to the BA609 and V-22 Osprey programs .

    Bell XV-15

    XV-15 on USS Tripoli Sea trials on board LPH USS Tripoli

    Type: Research Tiltrotor
    Project begin : July 1973
    First Flight : May 3, 1977
    First conversion from vertical
    to horizontal flight:
    July 24, 1979
    Units built: 2
    Crew: 2
    Engines: 2 * 1550 hp Lycoming LTC1K-4K
    Speed: Max: 550 km/h
    Service Ceiling: 8800 m
    Range: 800 km
    Weight: Empty: 4340 kg -- Max: 6000
    Rotor Span: 7.62 m
    Length: 12.8 m
    Height: VTOL 4.67 m
    Disc Area: 91.23 m2
    XV-15 and V-22 The XV-15 with the newest V-22

    XV-15 views blueprints

    XV-15 cockpit



    Database: NASA XV-15

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