Boeing-Vertol CH-46A

This model is a version of 107M H-46 Sea Knight

c/n 2102

Year 1965

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-46A Serial 2102 Register 151952 used by US Navy (United States Naval Aviation) US Marine Corps. Built 1965. Aircraft history

Boeing-Vertol CH-46A c/n 2102


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usa 151952
US Marine Corps
USMC CH-46A d/d 15oct65
asg Boeing FR Morton PA
HMM-164 21Dec65
HMM-265 23Mar67
dam 27Jul68
HMM-165 01May69
HMM-164 25Oct69
HMM-165 27Apr70
H&MS-36 COSA 05Sep70
H&MS-36 11Sep70
MARTD Whidbey Island 02Feb71
stor MASDC as 1J0037, 21Jan72
usa 151952
US Marine Corps
1968 I crewed this bird for most of the year

notes I crewed this bird for most of '68. I'm surprised we both made it back! I was with her when she suffered damage in July of '68 when sand clogged the fuel filter on engine number 1, and we lost power lifting and external load of 105 rounds at hill 55 and crashed into the ammo dump. She was lifted to MMAF where HAMS and a Boeing vertol tech repaired her. She carried Raquel Welsh and Bob Hope in November of '67 and was shot down a short time later. She was cannibalized and became mine in January of '68. We both started flying around February 1st. Her yellow sheets should tell one heck of a story! She is an old friend and outstanding A/C. She was a Marine before joining the Navy. We were members of Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 265. Semper Fi! -Gary Spevacek P.S. I was amazed to see 151952 hanging from the ceiling in the naval air museum . A long time ago her tail code was EP(Echo Papa) and her number was seven, she was painted green at the time

usa 151952
US Navy
Boeing-Vertol CH-46D
NARF North Island 21May75
Navy Test Pilot SchoolUSNTPS , NATC Pax Piver, 18Nov75
NARF Cherry Point 12Apr78
Navy Test Pilot School, NATC Pax Piver, 12Sep78
NARF Cherry Point Aug80
Navy Test Pilot School, NATC Pax Piver, Oct80
redesig CH-46D 1980-1986?
NADEP Cherry Point Sep88
HC-6 /HW-??, 27Jan89
HC-6 Det 6, Sep/Oct 1989
HC-6 Det 6, Jan/Sep 1990
HC-6 Det 6, May/Dec 1991
HC-6 Det 2, Oct92-Apr93
HC-6 Det 3, Jun/Nov 1994
HC-6 Det 2, Jan/Feb 1995
HC-6 Det 1, Aug95-Feb96
HC-6 Det 7, Aug/Dec 1996
HC-6 Det 1, Feb/Jul 1997
HC-6 Det 1, Aug95-Feb96
HC-6 Det 6, Jul98-May99
HC-6, Det 5, Jul/Dec 2000
wfu & soc 10725.8 TTH
usa 151952
US Navy
16oct03 preserved at National Museum Naval Aviation (NMNA) Pensacola, FL

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