Westland Sea King HAS.2

This model is a version of Sea King

c/n wa 841

Year 1976 to 1982

Helicopter Westland Sea King HAS.2 Serial wa 841 Register XZ573 used by Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy). Built 1976. Aircraft history and location


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united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

1972-05-17w/o 17may72 lost off HMS Hermes. The crew were rescued and she was sunk by RN gunfire. The cause is recorded as "unserviceable Radar Altimeter" which is believed to be a euphemism for the wrong Range Computer being fitted to the Transmitter/Receiver (i.e. card #6 missing), which would (in an RN Sea King) lead to the Indicators reading 10 times the actual range (in this case, height above sea level).
1976-08-05RN Sea King HAS.2 f/f 05aug76, d/d 13sep76
w/o 18may82 asg 826Sqn during Falklands/Malvinas War, 2 m off HMS Hermes 826 NAS
HAS.2 826Sq/141-TG by Feb 1977
826Sq/141-B by May 1979 still Jun 1979 826 NAS
1979-06-06ARMB Bickleigh826Sq /141, noted at Bickleigh 6 Jun 1979 826 NAS
1979-07-25BEGDRRN HAS.2 noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 143-B with 826NAS 826 NAS

Westland Sea King HAS.5 conv to HAS.5 from Jun 1980
706Sq/593-CU by Jan 1981
820Sq/22 Apr 1982
826Sq by May 1982 706 NAS

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