Westland Wasp

c/n f.9602

Year 1965

Helicopter Westland Wasp Serial f.9602 Register XT432 used by Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy) Royal New Zealand Navy. Built 1965. Aircraft history


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united kingdom XT432
Fleet Air Arm
ff Jun 1965, dd 22 Jun 1965 to Fleetlands. 829 Sq Hecate Flt/418-HT by Feb 1966, 829 Sq Cleopatra Flt/463 by Dec 1968. Fleetlands by Apr 1970, 829 Sq Diomede Flt/423-DM by Dec 1970 until c Sep 1972. 829 Sq Hecate Flt/414 by Sep 1974, 829 Sq Hecla Flt/416 by Sep 1975, 829 Sq Hecate Flt/414-HT by Aug 1977, 829 Sq Hecla Flt/416-HL by Aug 1980, 829 Sq Hecate Flt/414-HT by May 1981. 829 Sq Hydra Flt by Apr 1982 to South Atlantic, returned Sep 1982, still May 1984. 829 Sq HQ Flt/609 by Sep 1986. To RNAY Wroughton by May 1988. To New Zealand.
Aircraft Retired / Not available by 1989
united kingdom XT432
Fleet Air Arm
22jul79 noted at Portland 829Sqn coded 416 Hecla Flt
united kingdom XT432
Fleet Air Arm
May84 noted as 829 Sqdn/415 Hydra Flight. HMS Hydra (A144) was an ocean-going hydrographic survey ship, rather than the more usual frigate.
united kingdom XT432
Fleet Air Arm
UK Portland ( aug-87 )
04aug87 as 829 Sqd /609 at RNAS Portland. XT783 /470 on background
united kingdom XT432
Fleet Air Arm
From ex CPOAEA W.L.Dixon: I know every nut and bolt of this airframe having been on HMS Hydra Flight for many years and also being the flying maintainer I have over 100 flying hours trying to sort out mainly the track and vibro so to this effect I have had a look in my flying log (my most treasured possesion )to find the following
after disbanding of the flight we were both given to 829 Squadron and between october 28 and november 30 1987 I flew in it almost daily with a track and vibration problem the last pilot with me was LT CDR Adams so to this effect it must have been sent to RNZN IN 1989. regards
new zealand XT432
Royal New Zealand Navy
To RNZN for spares 20 Oct 1989.

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