Agusta A109E Power

c/n 11072

Year 2000 to 2019

Helicopter Agusta A109E Power Serial 11072 Register N200BK. Built 2000. Aircraft history

Agusta A109E Power c/n 11072


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Amer Continental Properties at New York NY, test serial N1NQ
ACP Delaware Holding Inc by 2006 at New York NY
US Linden ( 2019 )
N200BK Inc at New York, NY from Jul08
2019 based at Linden, NJ
US East 34th Street Heliport accident ( 10-jun-19 )
10jun19 13:32 departed 34th Street Heliport
w/o 10jun19 13:40 hs (emergency landing or impact?) on roof top at 787 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, NY. 1 fatality
That video is questionable. Looks to have been taken with videographer standing at about 18th Street and the East River. (Landmarks are 14th Street ConEd Plant as the video opens and Waterside Plaza and 23rd Street Marina at the end.) Helicopter dive in video was at 14th Street or further south. According to FAA, accident flight took off from 34th Street Heliport, some 15 blocks north of where photographer was standing, and headed North, so hard to see how the video captures the accident aircraft. If that was the flight inbound to drop off the passenger, he needs a new pair of suit pants, and the aircraft shouldn't have departed the heliport without a maintenance check.
FAA statement

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