Helicopter Accidents


Year 2019 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 1
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 5
Agusta A109 Hirundo 1
Agusta A109E Power 1
AgustaWestland AW109 2
AgustaWestland AW139 2
Airbus Helicopters as350 7
Bell 204 1
Bell 205 2
Bell 206 20
Bell 222 2
Bell 407 4
Bell 427 1
Bell 505 Jet Ranger X 4
Enstrom 280 1
Enstrom 480 1
Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 17
Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2 1
Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 1
Eurocopter Bk117 1
Eurocopter EC135 2
Fuji UH-1H 1
Guimbal Cabri G2 2
Hughes 269 1
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 1
Kawasaki Heavy Industries bk117 1
MBB Bo105 1
McDonnell Douglas md500 3
MD Helicopters MD500 2
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 2
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen) 1
Robinson R44 7
Robinson R66 3
Rotorway exec 1
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 1
Sikorsky S-64 CH-54 1
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 1
Soko Gazelle 1
Westland Sioux 1

2019 206a 269 Bell Helicopter N4772R : Bell
C-GWML : Rocky Mountain Helicopters at Edmonton, AB ?-Mar87
C-GWML : Associated Helicopters Co Ltd at Edmonton, AB Mar/Dec 1987
Okanagan Helicopters C-GWML : Okanagan Helicopters Ltd at Richmond, BC Dec87-Apr90
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GWML : Canadian Helicopters Ltd at St. John's, NL Apr90-May93
C-GWML : Northern Mountain Helicopters Inc at Prince George, BC May93-Jan01
Delta Helicopters C-GWML : Delta Helicopters Ltd at St Albert, AB from May01
Delta Helicopters C-GWML : w/o 23jul19 supporting tree planting project 48 nm N of Slave Lake, AB
2019 206b-2 1576 N88HC : California In Nice Inc at San Jose, CA
N88HC : Tri-rotor Spray
N88HC : w/o 11jan19 cropduster at Yuma, AZ
2019 206b-2 1705 Air Logistics N153AL : Air Logistics, to PT-HPG
PT-HPG : RQ Serviços Aereos Especializados Ltda from Mar09; 08nov13 pictured at Campo de Marte Airport, São Paulo
PT-HPG : w/o 11feb19 crashed in Sao Paulo. 2 fatalities including journalist Ricardo Boeacht
PT-HPG : Crashed on february 11, 2019 killing pilot and Journalist Ricardo Boechat. The helicopter collided with a truck on Rodoanel, in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
2019 206b-2 1813 N49643 : Aspen AG Helicopters Inc at Oxnard, CA from Apr90
N49643 : w/o 04may19 spraying at Oxnard, Ventura County, CA.
2019 206b-2 2066 N9956K : Park Air Helicopter Inc at Lake Wales, FL Nov04-Mar13
N9956K : Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee at Onalaska, TX from Apr13; Telecable Central; w/o 21may19 5nm W Puerto Plata Airport, Dominican Republic. 3 fatalities including Heriberto Medrano
2019 206b-3 2248 YV-320C : Venezuela, to YV-O-PSF-1
YV-O-PSF-1 : to YVO124
YVO124 : Policía del Municipio San Francisco, PoliSur; w/o 25apr19 at Maracaibo, Zulia. 2 fatalities including Guardia Nacional Bolivariana (GNB) General Alfonso Torres Paez
2019 206b-3 2716 N79HM : USA, to N655WW
N655WW : to N19TV
TVA N19TV : Tennessee Valley Authority Feb87-Nov12
N19TV : Appexheli Oregon Inc at Florence, OR Nov13-Mar17
N19TV : Abbett Farms Llc at La Crosse, IN from Mar17
N19TV : w/o 09sep19 during agricultural aerial application impacted a truck and a trailer during an emergency autorotation NW of Walkerton, St. Joseph County, IN
N19TV : Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE Nov12-Nov13
N19TV : Apexheli Oregon Inc at Florence, OR from Jan14
N19TV : Apr/Jul 2016, sold Bell 206BIII 1979; Currently on a Part 135, USFS/DOI Carded, Air Attack Type 1 Equipped
2019 206b-3 2838 Jayrow Helicopters VH-FHW : Jayrow Helicopters from Jun92
VH-FHW : ZK-HPP, ZK-HQT ntu; Australia from Apr80
Jayrow Helicopters VH-FHW : w/o 21may19 crashed in Kakadu National Park, NT
2019 206b-3 2918 N206JH : Farm Development Corp at Boise, ID
N206JH : Wilbur Ellis Co at Huron, SD from Aug13
N206JH : w/o 26apr19 spraying near Oakridge, Lane County, OR
2019 206b-3 2974 Bell Helicopter N10857 : Bell
Air Logistics N158H : Air Logistics; 1980 rebuilt ?
RLC N158H : Rotorcraft Leasing Co Inc Llc at Broussard, LA Nov08-Aug16
N158H : HLW Aviation Llc at Lumpkin, GA Aug16-Apr19
N158H : Orlando Aircraft Sales Llc at Orlando, FL from Apr19; w/o 23may19 during crop farm field east of County Highway 3, north of Pittsfield, Pike County, IL
State of Louisiana N158H : Meridian Helicopters for sale Nov18, pictured; 20,774 total hours
2019 206b-3 3470 N218SS : USA, test serial N2183N
State of California N218GH : Guardian Helicopters Inc at Van Nuys, CA Aug05-Jun14
N218GH : Helicopters Unlimited Llc at La Crescenta, CA from Jun14
N218GH : w/o 27aug19 hard landing at Gillespie Field Airport, San Diego County, CA
2019 206b-3 4449 Bell Helicopter N1214V : Bell Mar97-Apr00, test serial C-GLZM
Guardia Nacional de Venezuela GNB-97111 : Guardia Nacional Bolivariana; w/o 05apr19 at Guárico
2019 206b-3 4649 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FSWB : Bell Canada 2008
State of Nebraska N106PD : Omaha Police Department (OPD) from Jul08
State of Nebraska N106PD : w/o 16aug19 hard landing at Blair Municipal Airport, NE
2019 206l-3 51211 HK-3312 : Sociedad Aeronáutica de Santander (SASA); w/o 30apr19 at Sabanalarga, western Antioquia
2019 206l-3 51213 N206UM : to N206CM
N206CM : to N170AM
N170AM : to N170RC
N170RC : Hire Power Inc at Wilmington, DE Dec04-Aug06
ZS-HGA : South Africa, to C9-HAV
C9-HAV : Mozambique, to FA081
Force Aerea Mocambique 81 : FAM; w/o 02aug19 at Muidumbe, Cabo Delgado
2019 206l-3 51313 GC Air Llc N8227J : Gc Air Llc at Anaheim, CA
Erickson N8227J : Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Wilmington, DE from Sep13; Erickson; w/o 23jan19 Jackson County, Siskiyou Summit SE of Ashland, OR. 1 fatality
2019 206l-3 51445 D-HHBB : Germany by Sep94, test serial C-FJQR
N59668 : First Security Bank NA Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Oct96-May97
Líder Aviação PT-YCL : Lider Taxi Aereo by Sep03
HK-4327 : Aerocharter Andina SAS (ACA), Colombia; w/o 12jan19 shot down whilst transporting money near Hacan
2019 206l-3 51574 Keisatsu-chō JA6125 : Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō Mar93-Dec13
ZK-ILT : New Zealand from Nov14
ZK-ILT : T & P Williams, New Zealand Feb15
ZK-ILT : w/o 25jan19 hit high tension power Lines north of Taupō
2019 206l-3 51587 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FNOQ : Bell Canada May/Jul 1992
D-HOTT : Heli-Ren, Ascholding 1992
D-HOTT : Heliplus GmbH 1998-2010
Rotorflug GmbH D-HOTT : Rotorflug from 2011
Rotorflug GmbH D-HOTT : w/o 25aug19 mid air collision with Aeroprakt A22L Foxbat (EC-GU1 at Inca, Mallorca, Balearic Islands. 5+2 fatalities ; a German familty was in a scenic flight
2019 206l-4 52493 Bell Helicopter N843HB : Bell Mar18, test serial C-FUEA
State of New York N26BB : Bell from Jul18, leased; Zip Aviation , op by Blade
State of New York N26BB : w/o 15may19 ditched on Hudson River at West 30th St Heliport, New York, NY
2019 222 47081 Bell Helicopter N969YC : Bell
N222TY : USA, to N222SG
N222SG : USA, to N212DM
US Helicopters Inc N212DM : U S Helicopter Charter Services Inc at Georgetown, DE Jun01-Jul17
N222ML : Grosso Aviation Llc at Montgomery, NY from Jul17; w/o 30mar19 force landing in field terrain near Youngblood Road, Bullville, NY
2019 222ut 47549 JA9628 : FANUC Japan Jul86-Apr92; Taiyo Apr/Aug 1992; Mitsui Leasing Aug92-Apr96
SHS D-HTEN : Rhein-Ruhr Helicopter Sep96; Schider Helicopter Service (SHS) Austria Aug97-May14; Argentina ntu Jun10; Teuto Air Lufttransporte GmbH
FAASA EC-LHK : FAASA Aviación, Spain Oct11, rtn to D-HTEN; EPES Empresa Publica de Emergencias Sanitarias
Helicorp Pty Ltd H4-HSA : Helicorp at Henderson Airport, Honiara, Solomon Ialands by Jan17
TransAsia Airways ET-AVF : TNA, Ethiopia from Oct17; Ferried by myself from Schider Aviation, Austria to Addis Ababa
TransAsia Airways ET-AVF : TNA / MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group; w/o 26apr19 crashed into buildings shortly after takeoff newar Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa. 7 onboard safe
2019 280fx 2145 Ejercito del Peru EP-919 : Ejercito from Oct15, test serial N547DC; w/o 22jan19, 2 fatalities
2019 369d 390464D C-GVOS : Canada from 1979; Liftair International at Calgary, AB, canc Jul84
N54528 : private; w/o 31aug19 at Snake River near Ten Mile Canyon, south of Lewiston, ID. no injured
2019 407 53006 Bell Helicopter N62828 : Bell Mar96, test serial C-FXDK; Germany ntu
SE-JEB : Lapplandsflyg / Lap-Air AB Apr96-2006
GC Air Llc N650BB : BJ Aviation Llc at Seattle, WA Jul06; Gc Air Llc at Danbury, CT Jul06-Feb14
N650BB : Helifleet 2013-01 Llc Feb14-Jan18
Survival Flight N191SF : N191SF Llc at Mesa, AZ from Jan18; Survival Flight; w/o 29jan19 Near Lake Hope State Park in McArthur, OH. 3 fatalities
Survival Flight N191SF : MedFlight released statement regarding accident
2019 407 53247 Bristow US N577AL : Bristow Us Llc from Feb98; w/o 10mar19 impacted a marsh about 5 nm E South Lafourche Leonard Miller Jr Airport, Galliano, Louisiana. 2 fatalities flight originated from Bristow US LLC Heliport (2LS0) 11:55 hs to offshore platform in Viosca Knoll (VK956), Gulf of Mexico 69 nm ESE Venice, LA
2019 407 53320 Bell Helicopter N8215J : Bell Apr99
Polícia Rodoviária Federal PT-YZF : Policia Rodoviaria Federal /Patrulha 2
Polícia Rodoviária Federal PT-YZF : w/o 20aug19 crash landing at Eunápolis, Bahia
2019 407 53793 Bell Helicopter N407AC : Bell Sep08
VT-SVK : Aryan Aviation Pvt Ltd; w/o 23aug19 emergency landing in Lagwada, Tikochi area, near Arakot, Uttarkashi. 2 injured
2019 427 56066 Bell Helicopter N504BP : Bell Jul/Nov 2008, test serial C-GFNM
State of Florida N427TS : Aero Toy Store at Fort Lauderdale, FL Nov08-Jul13; N427L ntu
N427TS : Martex ventures Llc at Stuart, FL Jul13-Jun14
Heli Niugini Ltd P2-HSG : Niugini Helicopters, Papua New Guinea
Heli Niugini Ltd P2-HSG : w/o 11aug19 ditched into the ocean near Buluma Beach, Kimbe, New Britain, PNG
2019 480B-G 5244 DSA Delta System Air OK-CLV : DSA from Dec18, test serial N832EE; w/o 22mar19, near Slavoňov, Czech Rep. 2 fatalities
2019 505 65032 Kaijō Hoan-chō JA184A : Coast Guard
Kaijō Hoan-chō JA184A : w/o 27feb19 hard landing during coast guard training at Sendai Airport
2019 505 65037 KIDL Helicopters 5Y-KDL : KIDL Helicopters from Sep18, test serial C-GBSZ
KIDL Helicopters 5Y-KDL : w/o 03mar19 at Labolo, Lake Turkana, Central Island National Park. 5 fatalities
2019 505 65074 4L-ADJ : Adjara Group Company / Rooms Hotels, Georgia; w/o 06jun19 at Kazbegi, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. 3 fatalities
2019 505 65125 Fuchs Helikopter HB-ZWR : Loxia Swiss GmbH from Oct18, op by Robert Fuchs AG, test serial C-GFNR
Fuchs Helikopter HB-ZWR : w/o 09sep19 rolled over landing in snow at Vorab glacier, Laax, Graubünden, Switzerland. 1 injured
Fuchs Helikopter HB-ZWR : 60-year-old slightly injured in helicopter crash
2019 a109c 7671 AgustaWestland Philadelphia N1TV : Agusta Aerospace Corp
D-HPMA : PEMA Kraftfahrzeug Handel Mar97-Jan00
SX-HTO : Technical Olympic by 2004
SX-HTO : IFLY SA; w/o 20aug19 crashed into sea after hit powerlines off Galatas, Poros Island in route to Athens. 3 fatalities
SX-HTO : helicopter wreckage recovered
2019 a109e 11072 N200BK : Amer Continental Properties at New York NY, test serial N1NQ; ACP Delaware Holding Inc by 2006 at New York NY
N200BK : N200BK Inc at New York, NY from Jul08; 2019 based at Linden, NJ
N200BK : 10jun19 13:32 departed 34th Street Heliport; w/o 10jun19 13:40 hs (emergency landing or impact?) on roof top at 787 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, NY. 1 fatality
N200BK : video
N200BK : That video is questionable. Looks to have been taken with videographer standing at about 18th Street and the East River. (Landmarks are 14th Street ConEd Plant as the video opens and Waterside Plaza and 23rd Street Marina at the end.) Helicopter dive in video was at 14th Street or further south. According to FAA, accident flight took off from 34th Street Heliport, some 15 blocks north of where photographer was standing, and headed North, so hard to see how the video captures the accident aircraft. If that was the flight inbound to drop off the passenger, he needs a new pair of suit pants, and the aircraft shouldn't have departed the heliport without a maintenance check.
N200BK : FAA statement
2019 a109luh 13656 Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 4006 : SAAF 17 sqd
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 4006 : w/o 18apr19 crashed after tech failure near R101 next to the Swartkop Golf Estate near Swartkop AFB Centurion, pictured
2019 as350b 1238 JA9252 : Nozaki May80
Aero Asahi Corporation JA9252 : Asahi Ocean Jun86-Sep11
JA9252 : SGC Saga Aviation Co Ltd from Sep11
JA9252 : w/o 29jul19 cropduster hit power lines in Kuchido, Chikusei city, Ibaraki Prefecture
2019 as350b 1654 TG-EVE : Guatemala, test serial N5800V
ZK-HEX : New Zealand from Apr91
ZK-HEX : Sep08 conv to AS350BA
ZK-HEX : Reid Helicopters Nelson Ltd from Oct08; w/o 17feb19 during firefighting at Eves Valley, Nelson, Tasman
2019 as350b 1707 JA9355 : Japan Agriculture and Forestry at Kawagoe from Apr83; w/o 02aug87 crashed sea E coast of Chigasaki; Jun88 canc
CS-HBP : Portugal, to F-WYMZ conv to AS350B1
F-GIZC : France, to F-WQDO
F-OJJJ : France, to D-HEND
Euroheli Helicopterdienste GmbH. D-HEND : Euroheli at Dippenricht Heliport Oct97-Sep01
HB-ZDN : Héli-Passion Sep01-May07, repl HB-XKJ; Sep03 conv to AS350B2
Heli-Alps SA HB-ZDN : Heli Alpes SA May/Aug 2007
Knaus Helicopter GmbH OE-XWA : Knaus Helicopter Sep07-2014?
D-HFTD : conv to Soloy AS350B2-SD2 2014?; Heli Salzkammergut, l/f & o/b Heliseven GmbH, Austria from 2015
D-HFTD : Heliseven; w/o 17may19 at Schneeberg, Austria
2019 as350b 1870 3X-GBF : Guinea Air Force FAG-03
3X-AAE : Guinea Air Force
3X-AAE : w/o 06aug19 during training crashed into the sea off Kaloum, Conakry. 2 fatalities
2019 as350b1 2097 Eliwork I-FLAO : Eliwork Italia; conv AS.350B2
HeliBravo CS-HFT : HeliBravo; Aug17 used in DECIF2017
HeliBravo CS-HFT : w/o 05sep19 hit powerlines during firefighting under contract of AFOCELCA near Valongo. Pilot ( which also flew EH-101 in the air force) died
2019 as350b2 2789 American Eurocopter N350EX : American Eurocopter, to N801KF
N801KF : Kbbd Llc at Los Angeles, CA Mar05-Aug12
N350ST : Soloy Aug12-Dec16, conv to AS350B2-SD2
N350ST : Rota Aviation Consulting Llc at Gleenwood Springs, CO from Dec16; w/o 18feb19 at Glacier View, Alaska
2019 as350b2 2946 JA6191 : Japan, test serial F-WQDO; to N80GH
State of Kansas N409EM : Ballard Aviation at Wichita, KS
EagleMed N409EM : Eaglemed Llc at Wichita, KS Aug09-Nov15
Air Evac Lifeteam N346AE : Air Evac EMS Inc at O Fallon, MO from Dec16
Air Evac Lifeteam N346AE : w/o 11jan19 at Ponca City Regional Airport, OK
2019 as350b2 3933 Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OISD : Eurocopter Southeast Asia
18306 : Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation Department; w/o 06feb19 at Nakhon Sawan Airport
2019 as350b3 3462 JA00AR : Japan, to N462EH
N462EH : Trevor Corp at Grayslake, IL Apr09-Apr11
Avioandes HC-CKU : Avioandes 2013; May16 relief support after earthquake
Avioandes HC-CKU : w/o 15sep19 near Cuambo, Imbabura Province. 2 fatalities
2019 as350b3 3549 Wucher Helicopter OE-XHO : Wucher Helicopter Austria 2001-2019, test serial F-WQDO
Meravo Luftreederei GmbH D-HAUE : Meravo Luftreederei Fluggesellschaft at Oedheim Helipor from Mar19
Meravo Luftreederei GmbH D-HAUE : w/o 04sep19 during take off at Pampilhosa da Serra Airfield (PT-0037), Coimbra, Portugal for firefighting. 6 on board, 1 minor injured. Suffered Ground Resonance ?
2019 as350b3 3870 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie ZS-RWX : South Africa Police
Suid-Afrikaans Polisie ZS-RWX : w/o 20aug19 on its side crashed near Amanzimtoti
2019 as350b3 4458 I-EDIC : ELICAR Srl from 2008, test serial F-WWXG; 22feb08 at Padova
I-EDIC : GMH Helicopter Services; w/o 25jan19 collided in mid-air over the Rutor Glacier with Jodel D.140E Mousquetaire IV (F-PMGV) . 7 fatalities
I-EDIC : Star Work Sky; Sep18 at Monza during Formula 1 grand prix
2019 as350b3 4755 Eurocopter Canada C-GPHW : AS350B3+; Eurocopter Canada Aug09-Mar10
N818MC : NS Air Leasing Llc at Wilmington, DE Apr10-Aug12
State of New Mexico N818MC : Mountain Air Helicopters at Wilmington, DE from Aug12; pictured
State of New Mexico N818MC : w/o 27mar19 NE of Conroe, Montgomery County, TX. 1 fatality during firefighting under contract of USFS
2019 as350b3 4811 D-HSIX : HELIX Fluggesellschaft GmbH at Obersöllnbach Heliport from Aug09, test serial F-WWPA
D-HSIX : w/o 16may19 at Oberstdorf, Oberallgäu, Germany, video
2019 as350b3 4847 F-GKMQ : CDC Group from Jan16, test serial F-WGYB
F-GKMQ : Air Plus Hélicoptère / CDC Group; w/o 07jan19 during installation of telephone communication mast at Puylaurens, Tarn. 1 fatality
2019 as350b3 7157 EcoCopter CC-AEM : Ecocopter Chile; 19jan15 pictured as Dakar2015 /QUEBEC at Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
EcoCopter CC-AEM : w/o 25mar19 at Colliguay, Quilpué during power line work. 6 fatalities
2019 as350b3e 7421 ZK-IDF : New Zealand, to ZK-HCQ
VH-SZS : S&S Aviation Pty Ltd Mar16-2018
VH-SZS : Aeropower Holdings Pty Ltd at Rothwell, QLD from Dec18; w/o 20mar19 at Carrapateena Mine 66km E Woomera, SA. 1 fatality

2019 as355f2 5524 Toho Air Service JA6697 : Toho Air Service from Oct92
Japanese Newspapers and News Media JA6697 : TV Asahi, op by Toho Air Service; w/o 19jun19 emergency landing after engine failure at Aikawa town, Kanagawa prefecture, no injuries
2019 as365n3 6730 GN001 : test serial F-WWOK; South Korea Prov Gov, to HL9464
HL9464 : Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Government Dec07; firefighters, pictured (pic1)
HL9464 : Gyeongsangnam-do firefighters; w/o 27feb19 pictured (pic2) crashed into Hapcheon Dam, Hapcheon County. 3 on board survived
HL9464 : crashed into pond at Hapcheon Dam, South Korea while maneuvering on a firefighting flight; all 3 occupants survived w/u specified injuries
2019 aw109s 22075 Elilombarda I-BSPL : Elilombarda Apr08-Jun16
I-BSPL : Nov14-Jan15, sold Agusta Grand A109s 2008 TTAF 967:50 hrs, 6 Seats Executive interior with Entertainment system. Fresh maintenance; pictured (pic1)
G-CJNW : Ariane Srl Nov/Dec 2016
State of Minnesota N11NM : North Memorial Healtcare from Dec16; North Memorial Air Care, pictured (pic2)
State of Minnesota N11NM : North Memorial Health; w/o 28jun19 01:00 local time night crashed on approach in foggy conditions at Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport (BRD), MN. 2 fatalities and third has been hospitalized
2019 aw139 31112 London Air Services C-FPSE : London Air Services at Richmond, BC Aug08-Sep17, pictured
London Air Services C-FPSE : 13sep15 at Courtenay, BC
N32CC : Challenger Management Llc at Beckley, WV from Sep17
C-FPSE : Apr/Oct 2016, sold Agusta AW139 2007; AFTT 1515 Hours, Landings: 2586; 6,800 Kg gross weight kit installed Dec 2012
N32CC : w/o 04jul19 crashed off Grand Cay, Abacos, Bahamas in route to Fort Lauderdale, Florida; 7 fataltiies including billionaire Chris Cline a mining entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist owner of Foresight Reserves Llc
2019 aw139 31389 Caverton 5N-CML : Caverton-DanCopter for Nigeria d/d May12
Caverton 5N-CML : 19jun14 Caverton at Lagos
Caverton 5N-CML : w/o 02feb19 crashed and came to rest on its side near Kabba, Kogi State. Nigerian Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo was on board for election campaing. No injuries, pictured
2019 bk117b-1 1108 Fire and Disaster Management Agency JA6793 : Okayama City Fire Air Corps Nov96-Mar16, conv to C-1 type
Southern Lakes Helicopters ZK-IMX : Southern Lakes Helicopters Ltd from May16
Southern Lakes Helicopters ZK-IMX : w/o 22apr19 night crashed at sea during medevac from a fishing vessel off Yule Island near Auckland Islands. Crew rescued after 15 missing hours by Otago ZK-HUP and ZK-IWG, pictured side down wreckage nearby the island
2019 bk117c-1 7504 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH D-HOTZ : Eurocopter Germany, also D-HMBF and D-HECA; to XA-THG, rtn; Canc Dec97
XA-THG : Mexico private
VH-OVG : Australia Mar18
P2-TAH : Tribal Aurora Helicopters, Papua New Guinea Jul19, pictured (pic4); w/o 13sep19 went missing in route from Buka Island (BUA) to Rabaul-Tokua Airport (RAB). 2 on board, 1 fatality
Elilario Italia I-BKBS : Elilario Italia
Elilario Italia D-HELW : temp serial
Sterling Helicopters G-RESC : Sterling Helicopters Jul07-Dec12
UK Air Ambulances G-RESC : East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) 2006-2011 based at Norwich; walk-around video
UK Air Ambulances G-RESC : 03aug08 EAAA pictured (pic1) at Norwich
UK Air Ambulances G-RESC : 02aug09 pictured (pic2) operated by Sterling for EAAA at Norwich
Veritair G-RESC : Veritair Nov12-Jul15
Veritair G-RESC : Mar14, Now at Redhill with BIH
Patriot Aviation G-RESC : Patriot Aviation Ltd Jul15-Nov17
G-RESC : May/Nov 2017, sold Eurocopter BK 117C-1 1996; Built September 1996 - TSN 5344.8 - Total Time: Approx. 5279.3 hours; Extensive Avionics Fit. Dual Panel, TCAS, Honeywell Moving Map etc. Complete with Hook Mirror Load Lifting Configuration, pictured (pic3)
2019 105m 5048 Heeresflieger 80+48 : HEER
Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia P-4102 : Police, to PK-EAH
Indonesia Air Transport PK-EAH : PT Indonesia Air Transport
Indonesia Air Transport PK-EAH : w/o 16mar19 crashed at Jayaratu Village, Sariwangi District, Tasikmalaya
2019 Cabri G2 1170 F-HRCR : Provence Helicopteres from Nov16, test serial F-WWHX; Aix Hélicoptères, noted Sep17
F-HRCR : 2017 tested for Airbus Helicopters VSR700 program, pictured (pic1)
F-HRCR : w/o 31jan19 at golf course Luberon, Pierrevert, pictured (pic2)
2019 Cabri G2 1189 N572MD : JSC Investment Group Llc at Fort Meade, MD from Mar17, test serial F-WWHX
N572MD : Monumental Helicopters; w/o 04may19 Chesapeake Bay off Kent Island, MD. 2 fatalities
2019 ch-54a 64-015 US Army Aviation 66-18413 : US Army YCH-54A stor AMARC as HG___ unk
Erickson N173AC : Erickson Air Crane conv S-64E
Erickson N173AC : 15jun10 as /733 pictured near Las Vegas, New Mexico, working the Tecolote Fire
Erickson N173AC : w/o 28jan19 crashed into a dam near Jericho, Victoria, Australia
Erickson N173AC : Crew swam to shore and are OK.
2019 ec130b4 4080 Advanced Flight ZK-HXW : Advanced Flight, NZ
Microflite VH-YHS : Playfour Pty Ltd, Australia from Jul11
Microflite VH-YHS : Microflite from Jul12
Microflite VH-YHS : 23aug17 pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport
Microflite VH-YHS : w/o 19jan19 crashed on a private property at Howqua, Victoria
2019 ec130b4 7103 State of Ohio N130MU : JP Morgan Chase Bank from Jan12; Ohio Medical Transportation Inc at Columbus, OH from Sep18; MedFlightOhio
American Eurocopter N130MU : American Eurocopter Feb11
Metro Aviation N130MU : Metro Aviation Mar11-Feb12
State of Ohio N130MU : w/o 01may19 rotor strike with a tree at Zanesville, OH
2019 ec135p2+ 1127 American Eurocopter N135AE : American Eurocopter Dec13, test serial D-HECB
State of Utah N135AE : Bank of Utah Trustee Feb14-Oct17
NHSL 9Y-IHL : National Helicopter Services from Oct17
NHSL 9Y-IHL : w/o 15may19 during search for escaped prisoners at Windy Hill, Arouca, video
2019 ec135t1 0114 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH D-HWTI : Eurocopter toward 82+62
Heeresflieger 82+62 : HEER Sep02
Heeresflieger 82+62 : 10sep06 HFWS Tag der Heeresflieger
Heeresflieger 82+62 : 23jun12 HFWS
Heeresflieger 82+62 : 17aug13 HFWS 100 years celebration Marineflieger
Heeresflieger 82+62 : 16apr14 pictured at Dusseldorf
Heeresflieger 82+62 : w/o 01jul19 crash in field near Buckeburg airbase. 2 injured; TO BE CONFIRMED
2019 162hdf 6844 F-PCOF : private at Vesoul from Dec07
F-PCOF : w/o 01may19 wind at Vesoul-Frotey airfield (LFQW), Haute-Saône
2019 gazelle 022 Serbian Air Force and Air Defence 12654 : type:HO-42 toward HA-LFO
HA-LFO private: from 19?? ex 12654
ZU-RZM : South Africa private; w/o 03feb19 at Rand Airport
2019 h125 7824 Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia F-WTCG : Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia
Manang Air 9N-ALC : Manang Air
Manang Air 9N-ALC : w/o 14apr19 collided by Summit Air Let L-410UVP-E20 Turbolet during a takeoff at Lukla Airport. 1 pilot 2 on ground fatalities. Shree Airlines 9N-ALK was nearby
2019 h125 7961 Heritage Aviation VT-HDX : Heritage Aviation Jan16
Heritage Aviation VT-HDX : 06feb16 video taking people for rides during annual trade fair at Surajkund Faridabad haryana
Heritage Aviation VT-HDX : 09apr17 patanjali is in mohendergarh
Heritage Aviation VT-HDX : w/o 21aug19 hit powerlines during Uttarkashi flood relief mission near Moldi, Uttarakhand. 3 fatalities
2019 h125 8324 Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia 9V-HCE : Airbus Southeast Asia
Air Dynasty Heli Service 9N-AMI : Air Dynasty from 2017
Air Dynasty Heli Service 9N-AMI : w/o 27feb19 crashed into a hill shortly after take-off near Pathibhara, Taplejung district, Nepal. 7 fatalities including Nepali Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Rabindra Adhikari, the owner of Yeti Airlines & Air Dynasty and the Deputy Director-General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal
2019 h125 8721 Helitrans AS LN-OFU : Helitrans from Jun19; w/o 31aug19 at Skoddevarre, near Alta, Finnmark, Norway during local sightseeing flights at "Høstsprell" local music festival. 6 fatalities
Helitrans AS LN-OFU : French Accident Bureau (BEA) investigators with Airbus and Safran advisors travelling to crash site
2019 h130 7816 XA-VRG : Servicios Aéreos La Viña (SAV), Mexico; w/o 24jul19 in route from Morelia to Huetamo. 4 fatalities including Ministry of Public Security (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública, SSP) of Michoacán Martín Godoy Castro and the director of the State Popular Insurance (Seguro Popular estatal) Germán Ortega
2019 h130 8311 Sky Service UP-EC038 : Sky Service; w/o 17jan19 at sanatorium in Almaty. 1 fatality
2019 h130 8366 Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia 9V-HCH : Airbus Southeast Asia
RP-C8098 : LGC Air Transport; w/o 24apr19 crashed into a fish pond at Barangay Anilao, Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines. 3 fatalities
2019 hb350b2 3045 Helibras PT-YTJ : Helibras
PT-YTJ : Cia Iniciadora Predial, São Paulo, Brazil from Jul03; 20Jun17 at São Paulo
PT-YTJ : w/o 06may19 found crashed may 10th on banks of the Aripuanã river, Novo Aripuanã, Amazonas. 4 fatalities
2019 hb350b3 7209 Helibras PP-MMG : Helibras
Policia Militar do Brasil PP-MMG : Policia Militar de Minas Gerais (PMMG) /Pegasus 14, noted Jul12
Policia Militar do Brasil PP-MMG : w/o 24apr19 during training at Fazenda das Laje, Ribeirão das Neves, Minas Gerais. 5 on board injured
2019 hb350ba 3062 Helibras PP-ECF : Helibras
Policia Militar do Brasil PP-ECF : Policia Militar do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (PMERJ) from Jul98; Governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, noted Oct05
Policia Militar do Brasil PP-ECF : 17aug16 flying over Rio for OS2016, op by PMERJ
Policia Militar do Brasil PP-ECF : PMERJ /Fenix 08; w/o 14jan19 ditched on Guanabara bay, 1 fatality
2019 md500e 0201E N9KC : to N16005
N16005 : to N593C
State of Hawaii N593C : Amistad Aviation at Amarillo, TX
State of Hawaii N593C : private at Wayside, TX Aug14-Sep16
State of Hawaii N593C : K & S Helicopters at Kailua Kona, HI from Sep16; Paradise Helicopters
State of Hawaii N593C : w/o 16apr19 loss of engine power at Sacred Falls State Park, Hauʻula, Oahu, Hawaii
2019 md500e 0315E P2-PAS : 369ER type; Papua New Guinea, to VH-LJD
VH-LJD : Australia, to 4X-BDJ
4X-BDJ : Aeropower, Israel; w/o 11mar19 during mounting electrical high-voltage pole near Mount Meron, video
2019 md500e 0334E N1605B : to N500SC
State of South Carolina N500SC : SLED from Jul90
State of South Carolina N500SC : w/o 26jun19 asg SLED crashed preparing to refuel at Summerville airport. pilot injured
2019 MD530F 0163FF Policía Nacional del Ecuador PN-120 : Policia Ecuador, test serial N4196R
Policía Nacional del Ecuador PN-120 : w/o 04mar19 at Parque Bicentenario, Quito
2019 MD530F 0225FF Afghan Air Force 225 : Afghanistan by May16, test serial N60325
Afghan Air Force 225 : w/o Feb19 pictured (pic2) circumstances unknown
2019 mi-17-1v 646M07 Ingabo z u Rwanda RAF-1510 : Rwandan air force
UNO-562P : United Nations South Sudan UNMISS / UNISFA; w/o 15mar19 crashed shortly after take-off near Pagak town, Upper Nile State, northeast of South Sudan. 11 onboard, no fatalities. pictured
2019 mi-17-1v 95882 Armada de Mexico AMHT-206 : Armada 1997
Armada de Mexico AMHT-206 : reser ANX-2206; w/o 24may19 during firefighting at Jalpan de Serra, Queretaro. 6 fatalities
2019 mi-171sh 171Sh00604105310U Ejercito del Peru EP-664 : Ejercito 2011
Ejercito del Peru EP-664 : 17 May 2019, crashed near Coangos.
2019 r44 2397 N772MG : Sarasota Helicopter Services; w/o 02jan19 off the coast of Anna Maria Island, FL
2019 clipper 0926 C-GMMC : 44 Helicopter Inc at Mississauga, ON Sep01-Aug13
N165TC : Wings Up IV Llc at Allen Park, MI Jun14-Mar15
N808NV : United Helicopter Leasing Llc at Honolulu, HI from Mar15
N808NV : Novictor Helicopters; w/o 29apr19 tour helicopter impact road at Kawainui, Kailua, Oahu, HI. 3 fatalities
2019 II 11907 VH-HPT : Australia, to DQ-HPT
DQ-HPT : Parker Equipment Hire Ltd; w/o 02aug19 crashed into Nateway Bay, off Korotasere, Fiji
2019 II 12069 PR-APN : Vitoria Logistica Privada Oct18
PR-APN : w/o 21aug19 crash into Lago das Brisas, Buriti Alegre, Goias. 3 fatalities
2019 II 13028 PR-RMZ : Helicon Táxi Aéreo; w/o 01jan19 at Ubatuba, Sâo Paulo killing pedestrian on sidewalk; video
2019 II 13053 LV-CKN : Helicopteros Mendoza; w/o 13feb19 loss of power while landing at Finca San Antonio, Tupungato, Mendoza , Argentina during tourism flight
2019 raven 1147 Heli-West AG HB-ZDW : Heli-West from Dec01, op by Airport Helicopter AHB AG
HB-ZDW : w/o 16jan19 crashed on takeoff after engine failure at Beromünster airport
2019 r66 0142 C-GAUA : Helico Blais; w/o 04mar19 went missing after departing Sudbury. Found March 11. 2 fatalities
2019 r66 0397 N766WC : N766 WC Llc at Rochester, MI Jul13-Dec17
N766WC : Skyline Helicopters Llc at Salem, MO from Dec17; w/o 20apr19 spraying field at Madison County, IL
2019 marine 0742 RA-07370 : w/o 22jul19 crashed into Mediterranean Sea near Gorgona' s Island, Livorno. 1 fatality
2019 s-61a-4 61-783 Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia FM-1720 : RMAF S-61A-4 Nuri d/d 31Jan77; recoded M23-16, unk.
9M-ZAR : 2008 as 9M-ZAR
Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia M23-16 : w/o 02aug19 pictured emergency landing at Gubir Camp, Kedah. 4 crew and 11 army personnel with minor injuries
2019 se3130 1778 Heeresflieger 76+84 : HEER c/n 1778/C426; 1999 HFWS; 2003 HFWS
N283DB Heli Aviation: Heli Aviation Inc at Coral Springs, FL Jul05-Feb06
HP-1601H : FABSA
HP-1601H : w/o 24apr19 Punta Mani, Panama
2019 Sioux wa599 Army Air Corps XT837 : AAC Sioux AH.1 Unk to South Africa as ZS-HGY
ZS-HGY : Originally based at Lanseria, South Africa
ZS-HGY : w/o 30jul19 Alldays, Limpopo, South Africa. 1 fatality
2019 th-55a 96-0653 N1336C : USA 1987, 269A type
N653CH : Ellis Wood Aviation Inc at Statesboro, GA
N653CH : BAK Aviation Llc at Statesboro, GA from Jun11
N653CH : w/o 26aug19 hard landing at Shamokin, PA
US Army Aviation 65-18258 : US Army, ntu 65-13063
2019 UH-1C 3112 Luftforsvaret 854 : UH-1C-BF BuNo 65-12854; to Norway as UH-1B 854; to civ as N6259T
N6259T : USA, to N64RA
N64RA : conv to Richards Heavylift Helo UH-1B; Provine Aero Equipment Llc at Greenwood, MS
N64RA : Pollux Aviation Ltd at Wasilla, AK Jan07-Mar14
N64RA : R&R Conner Aviation Llc at Conner, MT Mar14-Nov18
N64RA : Iron Eagle Helicopter Inc at Missoula, MT from Nov18; w/o 08mar19 during logging at Olympic Peninsula, WA. 1 fatality, pilot and Iron Eagle Helicopter company owner
2019 uh-1d 5144 US Army Aviation 65-10100 : US Army, conv to UH-1H
VH-UVC : Brisbane Helicopters Pty Ltd from Oct18; 24oct18 at Redcliffe with United States Army and serial titles
VH-UVC : May19 video at Hervey Bay, southern Queensland
VH-UVC : 06sep19 went missing at sea off Birubi Beach, Anna Bay in the Newcastle area, NSW Hunter Region; Police confirmed the tail rotor and the main airframe of the helicopter were spotted about 8 kilometres south of Fingal Bay; 5 fatalities
2019 uh-1h Fuerza Aerea Hondureña FAH-951 : FAH, ex Taiwan 2015; w/o 11jun19 during an anti-drug opertation at Ahuas, La Mosquitia
2019 UH-1J 1J63 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 41863 : Fuji-Bell 205B-2, c/n 1J63, ff:?; del JGSDF as UH-1J 41863 unk; xfer Tobu Homen Herikoputatai, EH, Nov98.
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 41863 : w/o 21jun19 pictured (pic2) hard landing during training simulated tail rotor failure at Tachikawa
2019 uh-60a 70-1084 US Army Aviation 86-24560 : US Army; conv to UH-60Q; conv to HH-60L
State of Alabama N260MW : Aircraft Investment Holdings Llc at Enterprise, AL from Nov18; Arista Aviation Services; w/o 28feb19 crashed near Tullahoma, Moore County, TN en route to HeliExpo 2019, pictured
    108 C/N found.

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