AgustaWestland EH101

EH101 Mk.110

AgustaWestland EH101 Mk.110

ASW/ASuW variant for Italian Navy with T700-GE-T6A engines
Also defined: Maritime Patrol Helicopter (MPH)
first 1 plus 8 batch built at Vergiate last two at Yeovil

  List of Operators of EH101 Mk.110

Years Model Org
1999-    EH101 italy Marina Militare Italiana
2000/16 EH101 italy AgustaWestland Italy

  Global Distribution of EH101 Mk.110


Construction Numbers

C/N Year History
50006 1989 IT MMX605,PP6
50010 1999 IT MM81480
50016 IT MM81481
50020 IT MM81482
50024 IT MM81483
50028 IT MM81484
50032 IT MM81485
50036 IT MM81486
50039 w/o 2019 IT MM81487
50172 2009 IT MM81726
2009 IT MM81719

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