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    UH-60A Black Hawk



    Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk

    First generation Black Hawk for the US Army. Produced 1977-1989. Certificated for commercial use in 2015

    UH-60A Black Hawk News

    Afghan Air Force Black Hawk Crashed, 11-Dec-18 : #BlackHawk One of the “new” UH-60A+ Black Hawk delivered to the Afghan Air Force crashed last month allegedly after a technical malfunction

    Pentagon Found Challenges Replacing Afghan Mi-17, 16-Jun-18 : #problems According a Pentagon report, US plans to replace Afghan Mi-17 with Black Hawks have met new “challenges” as the Russian helicopters are superior in cargo capacity and high altitude flying

    40 Years of Black Hawk, 26-Apr-18 : The first Black Hawk helicopters were delivered to the US Army in 1978. More than 4000 are in service worldwide today

    Afghan Black Hawk Pilots Training in Slovakia, 05-Mar-18 : Afghanistan pilots and aviation engineers starting training in new Slovak Training Academy in Kosice

    First Afghan Black Hawk Pilots Graduate, 20-Nov-17 : Six Afghan Air Force members are the first AAF UH-60 Black Hawk pilots. Training takes 16 weeks and they expect to have 32 crews by 2019

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    List of Operators of Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk

    From Organisation with model UH-60A Black Hawk
    usa Sikorsky Helicopters
        S-70 H-60 1974/   
    usa US Army Aviation
        S-70 H-60 1978/   
    usa US Air Force
        S-70 H-60 139 1982/   
    usa US Navy
        S-70 H-60 1983/   
    colombia Fuerza Aerea Colombiana
        S-70 H-60 29 1988/   
    israel Heil Ha'Avir
        S-70 H-60 49 1993/   
    colombia Policia Nacional de Colombia
        S-70 H-60 1999/   
    afghanistan Afghan Air Force
    slovakia Slovak Training Academy
    usa US Department of State
        S-70 H-60 2018/   

    jordan al quwwat al-jawwiya al-malakiya al-urduniya
        S-70 H-60
    usa US Department of Homeland Security
        S-70 H-60
    Construction Numbers on database of UH-60A Black Hawk


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