Bell 222

Bell 222UT


The Utility Twin is based on 222B but equipped with skids. The lack of retractable landing gear allowed larger fuel capacity

List of Operators of Bell 222UT

From Organisation with model 222UT
australia Lloyd Helicopters
jamaica Jamaica Defence Force
    222 1 1986/88
netherlands Marine Luchtvaartdienst
    222 1 1987/90
hong kong Sky Shuttle Helicopters
    222 3 1988/97
germany Heli Service Mitte
    1 1993/99
denmark Air Alpha Greenland
    222 8 1994/06
greenland Air Greenland
    222 2006/12
ethiopia TransAsia Airways
    222 2008/   
south africa Henley Air
    222 2012/   

canada VIH Helicopters Ltd
usa State of Tennessee
usa CareFlite
usa Mercy Air
Construction Numbers on database of 222UT


Construction Numbers

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47006 US N2759D : 222 Bell 222 cn47006, ff:?; reg to Bell helicopters as N275+
Feb83 noted as 222UT type at Fort Worth, TX
CA C-GBLL : 230 In 1990 Bell 222UT cn47006 went to Bell Canada at Mirab+
430 conv Bell 430 c/n 43901 f/f 03oct91; noted as 430 type+
47501 1983 US N3179U : Bell 222UT cn47501, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3179+
NL PH-HBP : NRN leased, noted 1985
US N222AD : Gral Helicopters Intl, 1995
DE D-HUKM : HSM; Christoph Murnau
DK OY-HIE : Air Alpha Greenland 2001-2006
GL OY-HIE : Air Greenland 2006-2012, to Australia as ?
47502 US N3177G : del private owner as N3177G, unk; w/o in vicinity of La+
47503 US N3177U : Bell 222UT c/n 47503, Bell Helicopters N3177U; conv Bel+
US N35AZ : 230 Bell 230 prototype c/n 43902 f/f 12Aug91, conv from Be+
CA C-GEXP : 430 conv Bell 430 (skids) c/n 49002 at Mirabel, Canada as C+
47504 CA C-GFSI : Bell 222UT, cn47504, ff:?; del Canada as C-GFSI, unk
US N431MA : xfer Mercy Air as N431MA, unk
47505 1983 AE A6-SRM : UAE, test serial N3180T
AE UAQ-1 : UAEAF, to N12GH
US N12GH : USA Jun94
US N911EC : Omni Energy Services Corp at Carencro, LA Jan07-May13
AU VH-HBA : Australia from May13
Mackay Helicopters by 2016
47506 1983 US N145EH : USA, N143CF ntu
US N20140 : Sun Western Flyers Inc at Yuma, AZ
Silver State Helicopters at N Las Vegas, NE Sep06-Dec08
US N20140 : Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE Sep09-Apr16; expired
at Rand Airport, Germiston, South Africa
ZA ZS-HDW : Henley Air; scrapped and reduced to spares
47507 US N146EH : Bell 222UT cn47507, ff:?; del US as N146EH, unk
US N141CF : Careflite; scr 2000;
47508 US N3183U : Bell 1983
CA C-FFUN : Canada, reser C-FMEL
CA C-FMEL : Donfield Industries Inc at Mississauga, ON Jul98-Oct99+
CA C-GHGI : Woodward'S Limited at Goose Bay, NL Oct99-Dec11
US N788AM : AM Air Service Llc at Marengo, IL from Dec11; AM Air Se+
47509 US N3182K : Bell 222UT cn47509, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3182+
47510 US N222PV : Bell 222UT cn47510, ff:?; del US as N222PV, unk
CA C-FBWH : xfer Canada as C-FBWH, unk
US N222FV : xfer Bell Helicopters as N222FV, unk; w/o unk, reg canx+
47511 1984 US N65WT : USA, to N4250C
US N4250C : to N223HX
US N223HX : Pink Bank NA Trustee at Pittsburgh, PA
CJ Systems Aviation Group Inc at Englewood, CO Nov08-Au+
Jonam Llc at Wilmington, DE from Aug14
03jun19 in Fort Collins, CO
47512 1983 US N12SP : Bell 222UT cn47512, ff:?; del US as N12SP, unk
US N129SP : reg as N129SP, unk
US N256SP : reg as N256SP, unk
DK OY-HIF : Air Alpha Greenland 2003-2006
GL OY-HIF : Air Greenland 2006-2012
AU VH-JQB : National Helicopters Pty Ltd at Cooranbong, NSW from Ma+
pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport
47513 IQ YI-??? : Bell 222UT cn47513, ff:?; del Iraq as YI-???, unk
47514 1984 AU VH-LAH : Lloyd Australia; to JA9960
US N8153B : xfer US as N8153B, unk
JP JA9960 : xfer japan as JA9960, unk
US N40706 : xfer US as N40706, unk
xfer US as N40706, unk
CA C-GVIN : xfer Canada as C-GVIN, unk
US N7XM : xfer US as N7XM, unk
US N404EM : reg Air Methods Corp, Englewod, CO as N404EM, unk; rere+
47515 AU VH-LAI : Lloyd Australia, to JA9959
JP JA9959 : ex VH-LAI; to N911MK, N515MK
US N911MK : xfer Careflite as N911MK, unk [to N515MK]
US N515MK : ex JA9959, N911MK; w/o 02jun10 at Midlothian, Texas. 2 +
47516 US N3180K : Bell 222UT, cn47516, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N318+
US N403MA : xfer Mercy Airlift as N403MA, unk
rtnd Mercy Airlift as N403MA, unk; wfu & b/u, unk.
US N7643S : xfer US as N7643S, unk
47517 US N251CC : Bell 222UT, cn47517, ff:?; del Rocky Mountain Helicopte+
47518 1984 US N773AM : Bell 1984
US N208CM : Carolinas Medical Center; Medcenter Air
US N123YZ : USA, to N419MA
US N419MA : Air Methods Aug08-Sep13; Mercy Air; canc
47519 1984 AU VH-LAJ : Lloyd Australia; to JA9961
US N8154Q : xfer US as N8154Q, unk [between VH-LAJ & JA9961]
JP JA9961 : ex VH-LAJ; to OY-HIB
CA C-FVUZ : xfer Canada as C-FVUZ, unk
DE D-HCED : xfer Germany as D-HCED, unk
DK OY-HIB : Air Alpha Greenland 1998-2006
DK OY-HIB : Air Alpha 2006-2009
US N445QP : Preferred Airparts at Kidron, OH Jun11-Sep12; scr
47520 1984 US N3185C : Bell 222UT, cn47520, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N318+
US N222DE : reg as N222DE, unk
US N911LW : xfer US as N911LW, unk
US N277LF : xfer Cj Systems Aviation Group Inc as N277LF, unk; reg +
47521 AU VH-LAK : Bell 222UT cn47521, ff:?; del Australia as VH-LAK, unk
US N911WY : xfer US as N911WY, unk
US N6992 : xfer MeritCare LifeFlight, Fargo, ND as N6992, unk
47522 1983 US N77UT : UT LifeStar
BR PT-HXC : Tirreno Taxi Aereo Ltda at Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil +
DK OY-HIC : Air Alpha Greenland 2001-2006
DK OY-HIC : Air Alpha 2006-2009
NO LN-ODY : Norway, to 9G-HIC
GH 9G-HIC : Ghana, reser 9G-AEM
GH 9G-AEM : Ghana unk
w/o Jun15 crashed in Ghana. Scrapped
47523 1984 US N18099 : Bell Helicopters
US N222UB : USA, to VH-FJN
AU VH-FJN : Australia, to B11122
B11122 : Taiwan, to N4247S
US N4247S : USA, to C-GVUT
CA C-GVUT : VIH May91-Feb94
US N429MA : Mercy Air Oct98-May15
US N429MA : Hall Air ~2006
ZA ZS-HDK : Henley Air from May15; Ambulance
47524 1984 US N31865 : Bell Helicopters
AU VH-ZHJ : Australia, to C-GEBM
CA C-GEBM : VIH Dec98-Jul99
US N141CF : Careflite Mar07-Nov16; expired
ZA : Henley Air from Jun17
ZA ZT-RHA : Bought by Henley Air; Jun18 in process of being returne+
47525 1984 US N18099 : Bell Helicopter, to Australia
AU VH-HIA : Hamilton Island Resort, to JA9962
US N8171P : Bell Helicopter, to Japan
JP JA9962 : Japan, to Canada
CA C-FVVA : VIH Mar/Aug 1996
TR TC-HBH : Turkey, to ZS-HDF
ZA ZS-HDF : Henley Air from Nov12; VIP
47526 US N79SP : Bell 222UT, cn47526, ff:?; del US as N79SP, unk
US N416MA : xfer Marcy Air as N416MA, unk; wfu & reg canx 21Oct10, +
47527 US N3188L : Bell 222UT, cn47527, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N318+
PT CS-HDI : xfer Heli Serviço as CS-HDI, unk
US N72442 : xfer UK as G-BXED, [ntu], xfer US as N72442, unk
US N417MA : Mercy Air; w/o 07sep02 near Nipton, CA when helicopter +
crashed and killed all three occupants
47528 US N444DE : Bell 222UT, cn47528, ff:?; del US as N444DE, unk
US N222LF : xfer US as N222LF, unk
xfer US as N222LF, unk
US N911SB : xfer US as N911SB, unk
47529 1984 US N3188V : Bell Helicopters 1984
Bell Helicopters 16/17mar98, to Denmark
TR TC-HCS : Turkey, to N3188V
DK OY-HIA : Air Alpha Greenland 1998-2006
GL OY-HIA : Air Greenland 2006-2012, to Australia as unk
DK OY-HIA : seen in hangar at Caloundra airport, Queensland, Austr+
47530 1984 US N222DU : Bell 222USP cn47530, ff:?; del US as N222DU,
rereg US as N222DU, unk
US N222DZ : rereg US as N222DZ, unk
US N422RM : xfer US as N422RM, unk
US N222SL : xfer US as N222SL, unk
US N228AH : xfer Life Flight, Puero Rico as N228AH, unk
47531 US N3190K : Bell 22UT
US N142CF : Careflite; to N2056C
US N2056C : Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE Jan09-Aug12
Sun Care Air Ambulance by 2011
PA HP-1781 : Panama Aug12
ZA ZT-RDY : ZT-RDY in place of c/n 47533 as of Apr20
47532 1980 US N3189H : Bell 1980
AU VH-TSP : Helicopter Charter, Australia
US N241TA : USA, canc Mar11
GT TG-CDP : Guatemala
Oct18-Jan20 for sale Bell 222 1980; 8,251 flight hours+
47533 1985 US N3201W : Bell Helicopters
US N222HX : Omniflight, TX
US N222HX : Careflite Apr10-Feb11, canc
ZA - : Henley Air, ZT-RDY ntu
Scrapped for spares as Apr20, confirmed
47534 US N227DC : Bell 222UT, cn47534, ff:?; del US as N227DC, unk
CO HK-3416 : xfer Colombia as HK-3416, unk
US N222MN : xfer US as N222MN, unk
47535 1985 US N3217E : Bell 222UT cn 47535, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N321+
US N144CF : Careflite; to N20171
US N20171 : ex N144CF
47536 US N911SB : Bell 222UT, cn47536, ff:?; del US as N911SB, unk
xfer US as N911SB, unk
JP JA9917 : xfer Japan as JA9917, unk
AR LV-ZCB : xfer Argentina as LV-ZCB, unk
US N232ML : xfer US as N232ML, unk
VE YV2223 : xfer Venezuela as YV2223, unk; w/o near La Cava Colonia+
47537 1985 US N3198L : Bell Helicopter
US N274SM : to N781SA
US N781SA : N773AM ntu; to N226LL
US N226LL : Air Methods May93-Sep14
US N226LL : Life Link III, op by Air Methods; noted 2005-2009
US N226LL : Air Methods, Mercy Air, noted 2011
NZ ZK-HIG : Search And Rescue Services Ltd at Taupo, New Zealand f+
47538 1984 US N3194M : Bell 222UT, cn47538, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N319+
US N3149M : del Pumpkin Air as N3149M, unk; w/o when crashed during+
47539 1985 US N101UM : Bell 222UT, cn47539, ff:?; del US as N101UM, unk
US N101MM : xfer US as N101MM, unk
US N101NM : xfer US as N101NM, unk
US N96NY : xfer New York State Police as N96NY, unk
US N225LL : xfer Air Methods as N225LL, unk; suffered uncontrolled +
47540 1985 US N3192H : Bell Helicopter
JP JA6625 : Japan, to C-FVVB
CA C-FVVB : VIH Jun95-May98
US N402MA : Mercy Air, canc Feb09
ZA : Canada as unk
Henley Air, ntu; conv to Bell 222 simulator
47541 1985 DO HI-462CA : Bell 222UT, cn47541, ff: 1985; del Dominican Republic a+
47542 1985 US N31952 : Bell 222UT, cn47542, ff: 1985; del US as N31952, unk
US N24Sp : xfer US as N24SP, unk
US N772AM : xfer US as N772AM, unk
US N885AL : xfer Air Life of Oregon as N885AL, unk
US N820AM : xfer US as N820AM, unk
US N227AM : xfer US as N227AM, unk; b/u unk.
47543 1985 JP JA9627 : Mitsui & Co Nov85-Sep89; IBJ Leasing Tokyo Sep89-Jul92
CA C-GVIU : Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd Aug92-Oct98
US N622F : Pacific Helicopter Services Llc at Kahului, HI Dec98; P+
ZA - : Henley Air from Apr19; reduced to spares. Airframe con+
47544 1985 US N222UT : Bell Helicopter 1985, to N3196A
US N3196A : USA, to Malaysia
MY 9M-HSM : Malaysia, JA9934, [ntu], to N3196A
US N61509 : USA, to C-GUXH
CA C-GUXH : Vancouver Island Helicopters Mar03-Jan04
US N222LN : Fifth Third Leasing at Cincinnati, OH 2004-2011; Fifth +
Air Methods Apr13-Jul15
US N222LN : Mercy Air /7; Jul14 based in Action Ranch, south Las Ve+
US N222LN : Pacific Helicopter Tours Inc at Kahului, Maui, Hawaii b+
ZA ZT-RES : HALO HEMS at Johannesburg, South Africa from Nov15
47545 1985 US N222UH : Air methods Ambulance Jan86-Jun98; w/o 11jan98 near San+
47546 1985
US N31976 : Bell 222UT, cn47546, ff: 1985; del US as N31976, unk
BR PT-HTO : xfer Brazil as PT-HTO, unk; w/o 14Feb93 near tatui, Bra+
Crash near Tatui, Brazil. I was on board. 20 years ago
47547 US N221HX : bell 222UT, cn47547, ff:?; del US as N221HX, unk
US N222AM : xfer US as N222AM, unk
47548 1986 SE SE-HOU : Ostermans Aero AB; to N222HW
US N222HW : Heliwork Inc 1991-1996; Wilmington, DE
DE D-HCAN : Elbe Helicopter GmbH; 30sep00 pictured at Hockenheim Ra+
DK OY-HID : Air Alpha Greenland 2001-2006
DK OY-HID : Air Alpha 2006-2012, to Australia as ?
47549 1986 JP JA9628 : FANUC Japan Jul86-Apr92; Taiyo Apr/Aug 1992; Mitsui Lea+
AT D-HTEN : Rhein-Ruhr Helicopter Sep96; Schider Helicopter Service+
ES EC-LHK : FAASA Aviación, Spain Oct11, rtn to D-HTEN; EPES Empre+
AU H4-HSA : Helicorp at Henderson Airport, Honiara, Solomon Ialands+
ET ET-AVF : TNA, Ethiopia from ; Ferried by myself from Schider A+
TNA / MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group; w/o crashed +
47550 1986 US N3212P : Bell 222UT 1986
JP JA9644 : Sumishin Feb87-Feb92
US N232RM : Air Methods Corporation Dec94-Feb13; canc
47551 US N222LL : Bell 222UT, cn47551, ff:?; del US as N222LL, unk
US N911ED : xfer Air Methods as N911ED, unk; xfer US as N554AM, [nt+
47552 US N222LL : Bell 222UT, cn47552, ff:?; del US as N222LL, unk
US N885AL : xfer US as N885AL, unk
US N776AM : xfer US as N776AM, unk
US N224LL : xfer US as N224LL, unk
US N74SP : xfer US as N74SP, unk
47553 1986 US N32022 : Bell 222UT, cn47553, ff: 1986; reg Bell Helicopters as +
JM JDF H-18 : JDF d/d dec86; ex N32022; w/o 21may88
47554 1986 US N3123T : Bell
US N111DS : USA unk
Turbines Ltd at Denton, TX Feb/Jul 2008
ET ET-AMR : TNA, Ethiopia from 2008
w/o Apr17 crashed Addis-Ababa. Scrapped
47555 1986 SE SE-HOV : Ostermans Aero 1986-1987
AL ZA-HOV : Albanian Gov 1987-unk
w/o 16jul06 crashed in the Adriatic Sea near Tirana, 2+
AL AL-HOV : Albanian Gov, rtn to ZA-HOV
47556 CO HK-3262 : Bell 1222UT, cn47556, ff:?; del Vertical de Aviación, +
47557 1986 JP JA9654 : Japan, test serial N3209D
US N911WL : USA Aug93
Wells Fargo Bank Jan/Mar 2005
AU VH-TOR : Australia from Apr05
MacKay Helicopters by 2016
PG P2-HOT : Manolos Aviation, Niugini Heliworks by 2019
47558 1987 JP JA9655 : Japan; to New Zealand as Unk
US N7643S : USA, to N206CM
US N602CM : USA, to N123XY
US N123XY : USA, to N427MA
US N427MA : Air Methods Feb94-Jul15
US N427MA : Mercy Air 1994-2015
ZA ZT-RRM : HALO HEMS at Johannesburg, South Africa from Jul15
47559 1987 JP JA9656 : Mitsui & Co Mar87; Tosei General Leasing Tokyo Apr87-Ju+
HK CS-HMA : Sky Shuttle 1990-1997 to N222UT
PT CS-MHA : Macau, to N222UT
US N222UT : CALSTAR Aug98-?
US N222UT : Pacific Helicopters Tours Inc at Puunene, HI Sep18-Apr1+
ZA ZS-REV : Henley Air from 2019
47560 VE YV-240CP : Bell 222UT, cn47560, ff:?; del Venezuela as YV-240CP, u+
47561 1987 JP JA9657 : Mitsui & Co May87; Sumishin leasing Tokyo Jun87-Dec91; +
HK CS-HMC : Sky Shuttle 1992
PT CS-MHC : Macau, to N222RX
US N222RX : California Shock Trauma Air Rescue (CALSTAR) Aug98-Jun1+
US N222RX : private at Madera, CA Jun/Oct 2014
US N222RX : Pacific Helicopters Services Llc at Puunene, HI Nov14; +
ZA ZT-RFA : Henley Air from 2019
47562 1987 JP JA9665 : Japan 1987-1993
CA C-GVIY : Vancouver Island Helicopters Sep93-Jun06; VIH Helicopte+
VIH Helicopters Jun12-May15
CA C-GVIY : Cougar Helicopters Dec09-Jun12
ZA ZS-HSK : Henley Air from Jun15; VIP / Ambulance
47563 1987 JP JA9666 : Ohashi Kosan at Hankyu Anekawa from Sep87
w/o 1987 at Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture. no injuries;+
47564 1987 JP JA9667 : Japan 1987
US N222MT : USA, to N611SJ
US N611SJ : Air Methods Jul93-Nov09
US N611SJ : Ministry Health Care, Saint Joseph s Hospital (JSH) at +
47565 1988 JP JA9671 : Japan unk
DK N63AG : Air Alpha Greenland, OY-HIG ntu
: correct ntu was OY-HIJ. OY-HIG was 222B c/n 47132
US N142CF : Careflite May07-Apr17; expired
ZA ZS-HAN : Henley Air 2017; Ambulance
47566 JP JA9682 : Bell 222UT, cn47566, ff:?; del Japan as JA9682, unk
US N3209D : xfer Bell Helicopters as N3209D, unk
US N587MC : xfer US as N587MC, unk
US N587MG : xfer US as N587MG, unk
47567 1987 JP JA9689 : Japan, to VH-UHJ
AU VH-UHJ : Australia, to N6392U
US N6392U : to N22RL
US N22RL : to N220LN
US N220LN : Vesey Air Llc at Danbury, CT from Dec05
Mercy Air Ambulance, noted Nov11
US N220LN : Vesey Air from Jan14
Feb/Aug 2014 for sale Bell 222 1987 IFR, EMS Configured+
ZA ZS-HDI : NetCare 911 EMS; Rand Airport, Germiston, South Afric+
Henley Air; ambulance
47568 JP JA9698 : Japan, to N270AM
US N270AM : Air Methods, reser N415MA
US N415MA : Mercy Air Service Inc at Rialto, CA from Dec93; /Mercy +
47569 1988 JP JA9686 : Tokai Railway Aug88-Apr92
US N4181X : USA, to N911NM
US N911NM : Air Methods 1993?-Jul11, for SJRMC
US N911NM : San Juan Regional Medical Center at Farmington, New Mex+
US N569AM : Air Methods Jul11-Nov13; canc
47570 US N3208N : Bell
JP JA9915 : Japan; N356H ntu
US N35GH : General Helicopters Intl Inc at Huntington, WV Mar/Nov +
TR TC-HLS : Turkey, to EC-HXL
ES EC-HXL : FAASA, noted 2009
CL CC-AOX : Calquin
ZA ZS-RDV : Henley Air from Nov17; Air ambulance
47571 US N3208G : Bell 222UT, cn47571, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N320+
JP JA9912 : xfer Japan as JA9912, unk
CA C-GVIM : xfer Canada as C-GVIM, unk
47572 US N3209D : Bell
JP JA9935 : Japan; N326H ntu, to N32GH
US N32GH : General Helicopters International Inc at Barboursville,+
ES EC-IFB : Turkey TC-HKL ntu; Spain, to CC-AOY
CL CC-AOY : Calquin
ZA ZS-RJD : Henley Air from Nov17; Air Ambulance
47573 JP JA9938 : Bell 222UT, cn47573, ff:?; del Japan as JA9938, unk
CA C-FTIU : xfer Canada as C-FTIU, unk
US N219HM : xfer US as N219HM, unk
AU VH-ZGK : xfer Australia as VH-ZGK, unk
47574 JP JA9954 : Japan, to N50GH
US N50GH : Asian Aerospace at Dover, DE. May/Sep 1995
IN VT-SAT : India from 1996
at Rand Airport South Africa Soon to be ZS-HDS
ZA ZS-HDS : Henley Air South Africa,
75 C/N.

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