Bell 222
south africa Henley Air

2012 to present

Henley Air 222

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47524 222ut 1984 Henley Air from Jun17
Bell Helicopter N31865: Bell Helicopters

- VH-ZHJ: Australia, to C-GEBM

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GEBM: VIH Dec98-Jul99

CareFlite N141CF: Careflite Mar07-Nov16; expired
47540 222ut 1985 Henley Air, ntu; conv to Bell 222 simulator
Bell Helicopter N3192H: Bell Helicopter

- JA6625: Japan, to C-FVVB

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FVVB: VIH Jun95-May98

Mercy Air N402MA: Mercy Air, canc Feb09
47533 222ut 1985     -: Henley Air, ZT-RDY ntu
Bell Helicopter N3201W: Bell Helicopters

Omniflight N222HX: Omniflight, TX

CareFlite N222HX: Careflite Apr10-Feb11, canc
47543 222ut 1985     -: Henley Air from Apr19; reduced to spares. Airframe converte+
- JA9627: Mitsui & Co Nov85-Sep89; IBJ Leasing Tokyo Sep89-Jul92

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GVIU: Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd Aug92-Oct98

State of Hawaii N622F: Pacific Helicopter Services Llc at Kahului, HI Dec98; P+
47565 222ut 1988     ZS-HAN: Henley Air 2017; Ambulance
- JA9671: Japan unk

Air Alpha Greenland N63AG: Air Alpha Greenland, OY-HIG ntu

- : correct ntu was OY-HIJ. OY-HIG was 222B c/n 47132

CareFlite N142CF: Careflite May07-Apr17; expired
47525 222ut 1984     ZS-HDF: Henley Air from Nov12; VIP
Bell Helicopter N18099: Bell Helicopter, to Australia

- VH-HIA: Hamilton Island Resort, to JA9962

Bell Helicopter N8171P: Bell Helicopter, to Japan

- JA9962: Japan, to Canada

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FVVA: VIH Mar/Aug 1996

- TC-HBH: Turkey, to ZS-HDF
47567 222ut 1987     ZS-HDI: NetCare 911 EMS; Rand Airport, Germiston, South Africa
- JA9689: Japan, to VH-UHJ

- VH-UHJ: Australia, to N6392U

- N6392U: to N22RL

- N22RL: to N220LN

Mercy Air N220LN: Vesey Air Llc at Danbury, CT from Dec05

Mercy Air Ambulance, noted Nov11

- N220LN: Vesey Air from Jan14

Feb/Aug 2014 for sale Bell 222 1987 IFR, EMS Configured+
47523 222ut 1984     ZS-HDK: Henley Air from May15; Ambulance
Bell Helicopter N18099: Bell Helicopters

- N222UB: USA, to VH-FJN

- VH-FJN: Australia, to B11122

- B11122: Taiwan, to N4247S

- N4247S: USA, to C-GVUT

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GVUT: VIH May91-Feb94

Mercy Air N429MA: Mercy Air Oct98-May15

- N429MA: Hall Air ~2006
47574 222ut     ZS-HDS: Henley Air South Africa,
- JA9954: Japan, to N50GH

- N50GH: Asian Aerospace at Dover, DE. May/Sep 1995

- VT-SAT: India from 1996

at Rand Airport South Africa Soon to be ZS-HDS
47506 222ut 1983     ZS-HDW: Henley Air; scrapped and reduced to spares
- N145EH: USA, N143CF ntu

State of Nevada N20140: Sun Western Flyers Inc at Yuma, AZ

Silver State Helicopters at N Las Vegas, NE Sep06-Dec08

- N20140: Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE Sep09-Apr16; expired

at Rand Airport, Germiston, South Africa
47014     ZS-HMS: Henley Air, South Africa
Pan Am N1072F: Pan Am; early 1980s New York Shuttle Omniflight Helic+

- N1072F: P C Helicopter at Cincinnati, OH Nov88-Feb92

- ZK-HFQ: New Zealand, to TC-HMH

- TC-HMH: Turkey, to ZS-HMS
47562 222ut 1987     ZS-HSK: Henley Air from Jun15; VIP / Ambulance
- JA9665: Japan 1987-1993

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GVIY: Vancouver Island Helicopters Sep93-Jun06; VIH Helicopte+

VIH Helicopters Jun12-May15

Cougar Helicopters C-GVIY: Cougar Helicopters Dec09-Jun12
47152 222B     ZS-HVR: Henley Air, noted 2005-2006
- N700EF: Fl Aviation Group Inc at Ft Lauderdale, FL Aug06-Apr09

- YV2715: Venezuela from 2009

at Aruba

at Bimini
47570 222ut     ZS-RDV: Henley Air from Nov17; Air ambulance
Bell Helicopter N3208N: Bell

- JA9915: Japan; N356H ntu

- N35GH: General Helicopters Intl Inc at Huntington, WV Mar/Nov +

- TC-HLS: Turkey, to EC-HXL

Pegasus Aero Group EC-HXL: FAASA, noted 2009

Calquin CC-AOX: Calquin
47559 222ut 1987     ZS-REV: Henley Air from 2019
- JA9656: Mitsui & Co Mar87; Tosei General Leasing Tokyo Apr87-Ju+

Sky Shuttle Helicopters CS-HMA: Sky Shuttle 1990-1997 to N222UT

- CS-MHA: Macau, to N222UT

State of California N222UT: CALSTAR Aug98-?

State of Hawaii N222UT: Pacific Helicopters Tours Inc at Puunene, HI Sep18-Apr1+
47572 222ut     ZS-RJD: Henley Air from Nov17; Air Ambulance
Bell Helicopter N3209D: Bell

- JA9935: Japan; N326H ntu, to N32GH

- N32GH: General Helicopters International Inc at Barboursville,+

- EC-IFB: Turkey TC-HKL ntu; Spain, to CC-AOY

Calquin CC-AOY: Calquin
47133 222B 1983     ZS-RRT: Henley Air from Jun19
- HL9224: South Korea, to N38CC

- CC-PYE: ex N38CC, to N7040Z

- JA9945: Mitsui & Co Jun89-Aug90; Koichi Sano / Taiyo Industry +

- N510W: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest Na Trustee Oct02

pictured at Blackbushe, UK. Also visible is S-76 G-DPJR+

TVPX N510W: TVPX Ars Inc Trustee Apr17-Jun19
47531 222ut     ZT-RDY: ZT-RDY in place of c/n 47533 as of Apr20
Bell Helicopter N3190K: Bell 22UT

CareFlite N142CF: Careflite; to N2056C

- N2056C: Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE Jan09-Aug12

Sun Care Air Ambulance by 2011

- HP-1781: Panama Aug12
47561 222ut 1987     ZT-RFA: Henley Air from 2019
- JA9657: Mitsui & Co May87; Sumishin leasing Tokyo Jun87-Dec91; +

Sky Shuttle Helicopters CS-HMC: Sky Shuttle 1992

- CS-MHC: Macau, to N222RX

State of California N222RX: California Shock Trauma Air Rescue (CALSTAR) Aug98-Jun1+

- N222RX: private at Madera, CA Jun/Oct 2014

State of Hawaii N222RX: Pacific Helicopters Services Llc at Puunene, HI Nov14; +
47524 222ut 1984     ZT-RHA: Bought by Henley Air; Jun18 in process of being returned to +
Bell Helicopter N31865: Bell Helicopters

- VH-ZHJ: Australia, to C-GEBM

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GEBM: VIH Dec98-Jul99

CareFlite N141CF: Careflite Mar07-Nov16; expired

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