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calquin chile

Established 2014, operates fixed wing aircraft and helicopters in firefighting, EMS and VIP services. Part of FAASA Chile


FAASA and Calquin Deploy 30 Aircraft in Chile and Uruguay, 27-Dec-17 : FAASA Chile along local Calquin Helicopters will deploy more than 30 aircraft in Chile and Uruguay for this wildfire season which runs through April 2018

List of Aircraft

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412HP 36065 1993CC-AOH : Calquin Helicopters by Apr18
222UT 47570 CC-AOX : Calquin
222UT 47572 CC-AOY : Calquin
212 30685 1975CC-CIY : Calquin; Sep16 pictured
212 30598 D-HARZ : Calquin, lsd for firefighting season; 2016 (?) pictured (pic2)
412EP 36255 2000OB-2047-P : Peru 2013
: Calquin; aug16 pictured

6 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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