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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

47525 222ut 1984     C-FVVA: VIH Mar/Aug 1996
Bell Helicopter N18099: Bell Helicopter, to Australia

- VH-HIA: Hamilton Island Resort, to JA9962

Bell Helicopter N8171P: Bell Helicopter, to Japan

- JA9962: Japan, to Canada

- TC-HBH: Turkey, to ZS-HDF

Henley Air ZS-HDF: Henley Air from Nov12; VIP
47540 222ut 1985     C-FVVB: VIH Jun95-May98
Bell Helicopter N3192H: Bell Helicopter

- JA6625: Japan, to C-FVVB

Mercy Air N402MA: Mercy Air, canc Feb09

Henley Air : Canada as unk

Henley Air, ntu; conv to Bell 222 simulator
47037 1980     C-GCGP: Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd at Sidney, BC Sep89-Sep93
Bell Helicopter N5754B: Bell 1980

- C-GCGP: Huisson Aviation Ltd at Timmins, ON Dec87-Aug89

- N222LV: USA Oct93-?

- N222ML: Action Helicopter Service Ctr Inc at Las Vegas, NV by 2+

Grosso Aviation Llc at Montgomery, NY Jan10-Sep17; canc
47524 222ut 1984     C-GEBM: VIH Dec98-Jul99
Bell Helicopter N31865: Bell Helicopters

- VH-ZHJ: Australia, to C-GEBM

CareFlite N141CF: Careflite Mar07-Nov16; expired

Henley Air : Henley Air from Jun17

Henley Air ZT-RHA: Bought by Henley Air; Jun18 in process of being returne+
47011 1980     C-GPRH: Pacific Rim Helicopters at Delta, BC 1990-1993
- N50163: Bell Helicopters

1980 appeared in Smokey and the Bandit II movie

- C-GPRH: Trojan Helicopters at Delta, BC Oct96-Sep99

- N981AB: N981AB from Sep99

- N222ZX: Sunwest Construction Enterprises Inc at Hudson, FL from+
47544 222ut 1985     C-GUXH: Vancouver Island Helicopters Mar03-Jan04
- N222UT: Bell Helicopter 1985, to N3196A

- N3196A: USA, to Malaysia

- 9M-HSM: Malaysia, JA9934, [ntu], to N3196A

- N61509: USA, to C-GUXH

Air Methods N222LN: Fifth Third Leasing at Cincinnati, OH 2004-2011; Fifth +

Air Methods Apr13-Jul15

Mercy Air N222LN: Mercy Air /7; Jul14 based in Action Ranch, south Las Ve+

- N222LN: Pacific Helicopter Tours Inc at Kahului, Maui, Hawaii b+

- ZT-RES: HALO HEMS at Johannesburg, South Africa from Nov15
47562 222ut 1987     C-GVIY: Vancouver Island Helicopters Sep93-Jun06; VIH Helicopters Ju+
- JA9665: Japan 1987-1993

Cougar Helicopters C-GVIY: Cougar Helicopters Dec09-Jun12

Henley Air ZS-HSK: Henley Air from Jun15; VIP / Ambulance
47523 222ut 1984     C-GVUT: VIH May91-Feb94
Bell Helicopter N18099: Bell Helicopters

- N222UB: USA, to VH-FJN

- VH-FJN: Australia, to B11122

- B11122: Taiwan, to N4247S

- N4247S: USA, to C-GVUT

Mercy Air N429MA: Mercy Air Oct98-May15

- N429MA: Hall Air ~2006

Henley Air ZS-HDK: Henley Air from May15; Ambulance