Agusta A109 Hirundo

c/n 7106

Written off 1988

Helicopter Agusta A109 Hirundo Serial 7106 Register I-AGUU used by Boeing Helicopters Agusta Spa Elilombarda. Aircraft history


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italy I-AGUU
Agusta Spa
Agusta A109a
Agusta A109 type, conv to A109A
usa I-AGUU
Boeing Helicopters
1984 noted as Boeing Vertol ARTI (Advanced Rotorcraft Technology Integration ) test bed to evaluate cockpit integration concepts for a one-man helicopter under the US Army LHX program
italy I-AGUU
Elilombarda air ambulance
w/o 19jun88, hit power cable at Niguarda hospital, Villa Reale di Cassolnuovo, Pavia

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