Westland Wasp

C/N f.9573

Built 1964

Helicopter Westland Wasp Serial f.9573 Register F9573 XS562 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1964. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

dd 23 Apr 1964 to RN. 700W Sq HQ Flt/188-CU by Sep 1964 still Mar 1965
829 Sq Euryalus Flt/433 by Apr 1965 until c Jul 1966
1967-05 A RAF MuharraqMay 1967 positioned in the Persian Gulf at AHU Muharraq
by May 1971 829 Sq Vidal Flt/408
829 Sq Hecate Flt/418 by Sep 1971
829 Sq Jupiter Flt/443 by Apr 1973
829 Sq Naiad Flt/324 14 Aug 1975 still May 1976
1976-04-26 Naiad Flight 26 Apr 1976, 829 NAS Naiad Flt / 324 conducted close manoeuvres around Icelandic patrol vessel Aegir while it was attempting cut trawling nets during 3rd Cod War.
by Apr 1978 829Sq Ashanti Flt/427.
By Pete Oliver.flight S.M.R 829 sq. H.M.S.Jupiter/443
1979-07-2222jul79 829Sqn coded 443 Jupiter Flt 829 NAS
uncoded Portland Mar 1982
1982-05-20 B Anchorage Delta mv Contender Bezant 829 Sq / 371 landed on mv Contender Bezant in Plymouth Sound, 20 May 1982 for South Atlantic. 829 NAS Operation Corporate
829 Sq Galatea Flt/360 by May 1982
to 829 Sq Contender Bezant Flt/371 by 13 May 1982 to Aug 1982
to 829 Sq HQ Flt/611 Oct 1982
sold to a USA aircraft dealer by Dec 1993.



1994-04 C Classic Rotors Museum Classic Rotors Sold to Classic Rotors (the rare and vintage rotorcraft museum) This rotorcraft will be restored.

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