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  • Sikorsky S-92A

    This model is a version of S-92

    c/n 92-0214

    Year 2014

    Helicopter Sikorsky S-92A Serial 92-0214 Register G-MCGE N214HM used by HM Coastguard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) ,Bristow ,Bristow US. Built 2014. Aircraft history and location

    Helicopter Sikorsky S-92A Serial 92-0214 Register G-MCGE N214HM used by HM Coastguard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) ,Bristow ,Bristow US. Built 2014. Aircraft history and location
    Helicopter Sikorsky S-92A Serial 92-0214 Register G-MCGE N214HM used by HM Coastguard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) ,Bristow ,Bristow US. Built 2014. Aircraft history and location

    Helicopter Sikorsky S-92A Serial 92-0214 Register G-MCGE N214HM used by HM Coastguard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) ,Bristow ,Bristow US. Built 2014. Aircraft history and location

    Sikorsky S-92A CG912    flight track ads-b


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    For N214HM see also:
        1981 214B c/n 28069


    usa Bristow US

    Bristow US


    united kingdom Bristow


    2014-10Bristow from Oct14
    2014-10-23flying over Towcester
    united kingdom HM Coastguard


    HM Coast Guard op by Bristow, (pic1

    2015-01-09flying over Flamborough, East Yorkshire
    12:45 hs flying over Rotherham ex Humberside Humberside sector
    2015-01-10AEGNJ12:30 hs over skegness flown from humberside airport
    2015-01-24passed over Rotherham 0900 towards Sheffield, just rtn over Rotherham 1530 hrs, eastwards, now over Brigg, Lincs
    2015-02-02BEGSH11:40 hs Passed over Mablethorpe heading for Norwich airport
    2015-02-18AEGNJ - Humberside, England
    2015-07-15AEGNJ at Humberside airport Humberside sector
    2015-07-19attending SAR / Emergency Humberside to Glossop, Derbyshire Humberside sector
    2015-11-02931AEGNJas /Rescue931 at Humberside sector Humberside sector
    2015-12-24rescuing person from boat off south shields heading to Newcastle rvi
    2016-10-18CEGNX - Derby, England
    2017-01-0413:45 hs flying over Swallownest, South Yorkshire
    2017-09-07flying over Bridlington. Looking for a landing spot in grass car park
    2018-05-07passing over Luton southeast bound
    2018-11-06 Leconfield, England
    2018-11-11912AEGNJas /Coastguard 912 at Humberside Humberside sector
    CG912 Humberside, England
    2018-12-11 CG912 Leconfield, England
    2019-01-10 CG912 Humberside, England
    2019-02-22 CG912 Kingston-upon-Hull, England
    2019-03-27 Humberside, England
    2019-04-0613:24 hs flying West over Sheffield (Ecclesfield)
    CG912 Manchester, England
    2019-04-2109:10 hs landing and taking off due west at the Grimsby Rugby club, North East Lincolnshire
    CG912 Cleethorpes, Offshore UK
    2019-05-21 Humberside, England
    2019-06-22 CG912 Scarborough, England
    2019-07-23 CG912 Scarborough, England
    2019-08-10 CG912 Watton, England
    2019-08-12 Middlesbrough, England
    2019-08-14 CG912 Norwich, England
    2019-09-13 Humberside, England
    2019-10-16 CG912 Humberside, England
    2019-11-03DEGYH 15-18 hs at RAF Holbeach for HM Coastguard Familiarisation Exercise
    CG912 Humberside, England
    2019-11-29 Keswick, England
    2019-11-30 CG912 Humberside, England
    2019-12-05 CG912 Humberside, England

    2020-01-05 Kingston-upon-Hull, Offshore UK
    2020-02-04 CG912 Grimsby, England
    2020-03-10 Humberside, England
    2020-04-10 CG912 Humberside, England
    2020-04-20 Keswick, England
    2020-04-21 Kingston-upon-Hull, Offshore UK
    2020-04-24CG912AEGNJ over Caistor Humberside sector

    CG912 Humberside, England
    2020-05-11 CG912 Hayes, England
    CG912 Louth, England
    2020-05-1412:15 hs heading NE over Towcester
    Humberside, England
    CG912 London, England
    2020-05-15 Humberside, England
    2020-06-15 CG913 Humberside, England
    2020-06-27 CG912 Lowestoft, England
    2020-07912AEGNJ Humberside sector Women Flying High
    2020-07-01 CG912 Humberside, England
    2020-07-31 Skegness, Offshore UK
    2020-08-02 CG912 Lancaster, England
    2020-08-25 Cleethorpes, Offshore UK
    2020-09-24 CG912 Kingston-upon-Hull, England
    2020-09-30 Lowestoft, Offshore UK
    CG912 Humberside, England
    2020-10-30Departure around 2330 and seems to be a night training flight out across North Yorkshire Moors National Park then on to Redcar area
    A quick loop over the coast and Teeside Wind farm and returned to base. Unless he got stood down on route. Safe flying guys, 37.PST
    2020-11-03 CG912 Humberside, England
    2020-11-21flying over Preston, England 37.PST
    CG912 Humberside, England
    2020-12-21 Humberside, England
    2021-01-04ESolent at Solent as backup

    Humberside, England
    2021-01-07 CG913 Lee-on-Solent, England
    2021-01-21 Humberside, England
    2021-02-20 CG912 Humberside, England
    2021-03-23 CG912 Humberside, England
    2021-04-28 CG912 Humberside, England
    2021-05-20 CG912 Edinburgh, Scotland
    2021-05-21 CG912 Kingston-upon-Hull, England
    2021-05-27 Keswick, England
    CG912 Humberside, England
    2021-06-04 Millom, England
    2021-06-09 CG912 Humberside, England
    2021-06-14AEGNJ23:30 hs flew back from the Isle of Man, over central Manchester and landed at Humberside Airport
    CG912 Brigg, England
    CG912 Castletown, Isle of Man IM
    2021-06-16 Brigg, England
    2021-07-15 CG913 Aberdeen, Scotland
    2021-09-01 BHL201A Aberdeen, Scotland
    2021-09-06AEGNJArrived Humberside from Aberdeen at lunchtime
    BHL202A Aberdeen, Scotland
    2021-09-11 CG912 Humberside, England
    2021-10-09 Ramsgate, England
    CG912 Brigg, England
    2021-10-17 CG912 Boulmer, England
    2021-10-18 CG912 Humberside, England
    Boulmer, England
    CG912 Cleethorpes, Offshore UK
    2021-11-02 CG912 Keswick, England
    2021-11-04 Bridlington, England
    2021-12-04 CG912 Humberside, England
    2022-01-03 CG912 Humberside, England
    2022-01-07FEGI69Royal Stoke University Hospital
    CG912 Humberside, England
    2022-01-17 Beddgelert, Wales
    2022-01-19 CG912 Humberside, England
    2022-01-31 Bangor, Wales
    2022-02-01 CG936 Humberside, England
    CG936 Rhyl, Offshore UK
    2022-02-08 Humberside, England
    2022-02-09 CG912 Caernarfon, Wales
    2022-02-10 Cleethorpes, Offshore UK
    2022-03-12 CG912 Humberside, England
    2022-04-12 CG912 Humberside, England
    CG912 Boulmer, England
    2022-04-13 Humberside, England
    2022-05-15 CG912 Leicester, England
    2022-06-01 CG912 Block 42/29, Cleeton Field, Offshore UK
    2022-07-02 CG912 Humberside, England
    2022-08-03 CG912 Leconfield, England
    2022-08-10 CG912 Great Yarmouth, Offshore UK
    2022-08-17 CG912 Bridlington, England
    2022-09-16 CG912 Kingston-upon-Hull, England
    2022-10-16 CG912 Humberside, England
    2022-11-15 CG912 Winthorpe, Offshore UK
    2022-12-14 CG912 Ashford, England
    2022-12-17 CG913 Holbeach, England
    2023-01-16 CG912 Doncaster/Sheffield, England
    2023-02-15 CG912 Brigg, England
    2023-03-18 CG912 Bridlington, England
    2023-04-18 CG912 Humberside, England
    2023-05-18 CG912 Bridlington, England
    2023-06-02 CG912 Humberside, England

    Call sign for this aircraft: BHL201A BHL201B BHL202A CG912 CG913 CG936 CG937

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