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  • Bell 407

    c/n 53360

    Year 1999

    Helicopter Bell 407 Serial 53360 Register N773AL N405LL N911WN N6298N used by AirLife Denver ,Air Methods ,Life Link III ,CFS Air ,Air Link at Regional West ,Bell Helicopter. Built 1999. Aircraft history and location


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    For N6298N see also:
            206a c/n 163


    usa Bell Helicopter

    Bell Helicopter


    usa State of Nebraska

    Vesey Air Llc at Danbuty, CT
    Air Link at Regional West, Regional West Health Services, noted 2005 Air Link at Regional West


    usa CFS Air

    2006-09Cfs Air from Sep06
    usa Air Methods

    Air Methods Aug13-Oct15 N911LN ntu
    usa State of Minnesota

    Life Link III, noted jun14 Life Link III
    For N773AL see also:
        1997 407 c/n 53160


    usa Air Methods

    2015-10Air Methods from Oct15
    usa State of Colorado

    AirLife Denver, op by Air Methods AirLife Denver
    2019-02-26 AIRLIFE5 Aurora, Colorado
    2019-03-08 AIRLIFE5 Goodland, Kansas
    2019-03-12 AIRLIFE5 Denver, Colorado
    2019-04-19 AIRLIFE6 Denver, Colorado
    2019-05-22 AIRLIFE5 Aurora, Colorado
    2019-06-24 Denver, Colorado
    2019-07-27 ALIFE5 Colorado Springs, Colorado
    2019-08-27 Denver, Colorado
    2019-09-26 ALIFE5 Denver, Colorado
    2019-10-30 AIRLIFE2 Denver, Colorado
    2019-12-01 ALIFE5 Colorado Springs, Colorado
    2020-01-04 ALIFE5 Aurora, Colorado
    2020-02-05 Denver, Colorado
    2020-03-09 ALIFE5 Colorado Springs, Colorado
    2020-04-08 ALIFE5 Aurora, Colorado
    2020-04-15 ALIFE5 Monte Vista, Colorado
    2020-04-22 ALIFE5 Denver, Colorado
    2020-05-22 ALIFE5 Aurora, Colorado
    2020-06-25 ALIFE5 Denver, Colorado
    2020-07-25 Aurora, Colorado
    2020-08-27 ALIFE5 Denver, Colorado
    2020-09-28 Colorado Springs, Colorado
    2020-11-01 Colorado Springs, Colorado
    2020-12-01 Denver, Colorado
    2020-12-31 ALIFE5 Denver, Colorado
    2021-01-31 ALIFE5 Colorado Springs, Colorado
    2021-03-02 ALIFE5 Denver, Colorado
    2021-04-02 Denver, Colorado
    2021-04-10 ALIFE5 Aurora, Colorado

    Call sign for this aircraft: AIRLIFE2 AIRLIFE5 AIRLIFE6 ALIFE5

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