Kaman H-43 Huskie

This model is a version of Huskie

c/n 54

Written off 1970

Helicopter Kaman H-43 Huskie Serial 54 Register 59-1573 used by US Air Force. Aircraft history and location


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usa 59-1573
US Air Force
usa 59-1573
US Air Force
02nov70 US North Texas Regional / Perrin AFB accident Perrin AFB Det 13, 43 ARRS, 39 ARRW
w/o 3.2nm E Perrin AFB, TX. Took the lives of the pilot and the crew chief. While conducting a functional check flight (FCF) a critical control component failed allowing rotor interference and loss of control while cruising at 1,000 feet AGL 39th ARRW,39th ARRW

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