1956 to 1975

Kaman H-43 Huskie
usa US Air Force

US Air Force H-43 Huskie

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USAF Combat, Search and Rescue Evolution

USAF Combat, Search and Rescue Evolution

17-May-18 - From the YR-4 rescue in Burma during WWII, through the HH-43 Huskie and HH-3E Jolly Green Giant in Vietnam, to nowadays Pave Hawks, the combat search and rescue will continue to evolve and grow #CSAR


1972/7556th RQSTH Khorat
1971/75551 SOSHill AFB
1971/751550 ATTWHill AFB
1971/7233 RQSJP Kadena AFB
1967/7540th ARRSTH Khorat
TH Nakhon Phanom
TH Udorn Air Base
1966/7267 ARRSUK RAF Woodbridge closed 1993
ES Moron Air Base
UK Prestwick
1966/6848th RQSEglin AFB
1965/7138 RQS VN Tan Son Nhat
1964/7231st RQSRP Clark / Diosdado Macapagal
1964/6633 RQSJP Naha
1964/6536 RQSJP Tachikawa
1963/6548th RQSEglin AFB
1963/6455 RQS
196341st RQSHamilton AFB closed 1974
1961/6654 ARRSCA CFB Goose Bay

List of Aircraft

C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
1 58-1841
25 59-1544 del as H-43, redesignated HH-43B 1962
State of Washington N321WN: sold to Washington Dept of Natural Resources.
sold to Moseley Aviation and restored to flying conditi...
in storage at Moseley
37 1960 59-1556 Kaman K-600-3, cn37, ff:1959; del USAF as H-43B, 59-1556, 24Jun60; xfer 389 CSG,...
US Forest Service N322WN: xfer Dept of Environmnent, State of Washington as N322W...
- N556D: rereg Horizon Helicopters, Inc, Ovando, MT as N556D, 10...
46 59-1565 to USAF
47 59-1566 Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn47, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B, 59-1566, unk
54 w/o 1970 59-1573 USAF H-43B
64 w/o 1999 1960 59-1583 Kaman K-600, HH-43B Huskie, cn64, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B, 59-1583, unk; conver...
- N100PL: To civil registry as N100PL, 09Jun77; Crashed near Phoe...
87 60-0263 Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn87, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B, 60-0263, unk
139 62-4513 USAF HH-43B; 1973 to AMARC/HG0056; pictured preserved at Castle Air Museum, Atw...
140 w/o 2006 62-4514 Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn140, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B 62-4514, unk; converted to H...
- N90944: xfer Moseley Aviation as N90944, unk
- N559D: xfer unknown as N559D, unk; Collided with a log pile an...
144 scrapped 1979 1963 62-4518 USAF; pictured at RAF Woodbridge Community Day
147 1963 62-4521 HG0009 built as HH-43B Huskie.
- N5197U: ex 62-4521, ex MASDC HG0009.
US reg cancelled. (Scrapped ?)
157 62-4531 Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn157, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B 62-4531, unk
158 62-4532 USAF HH-43B; Aug92 pictured preserved at Travis AFB, California; Sep98 moved to ...
159 62-4533 Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn159, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B, 62-4533, unk
161 1963 62-4535 Kaman K-600, HH-43F Huskie, cn161, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43F, 62-4535, unk; stor ...
- 62-4535: pictured (pic1) in open store in the Midland Air Museum...
Preserved Midland Air Museum, Coventry. Stored
162 1963 62-4536 HH-43B, 18 Aug 1972, visited RAF Northolt
163 62-4537 to USAF as HH-43B.
62-4540 DET.10
172 62-4546 Kaman K-600, HH-43F Huskie, cn172, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43F, 62-4546, unk
173 62-4547 HH-43B Del USAF
185 62-4559 Kaman K-600, HH-43F Huskie, cn185, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43F, 62-4559, unk
218 64-17558 Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn218, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B 64-17558, unk; conv HH-34F, ...
- N87842: To US civil registry as N87842, unk
- HR-AKJ: xfer Honduras as HR-AKJ, unk
- N4069R: xfer Mosseley as N4069R, unk; xfer Terra Helicopters Mc...
noted with Terra Helicopters, airborne over McMinnville...
noted airborne over Olympia. Restored to USAF paint sch...

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