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    US Air Force

    55 RQS :

    1952 to present    

    55th Rescue Squadron US Air Force

    55th Rescue Squadron
    The Night Hawks were formed in 1952 as the 55th Air Rescue Squadron which was stationed in Greenland and Bermuda before moving to Florida in 1970. In 1982 was the first USAF unit to operated the H-60 when received UH-60A Black Hawks (as the Night Hawk) loaned by the Army waiting for the arrival of the Air Force variant Pave Hawk. In 1999 the MH-60G Squadron was dissolved and the helicopters re-designated HH-60G.

    1952-1966 : 55 Air Rescue Squadron ( 55 ARS )
    1966-1988 : 55 Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron ( 55 ARRS )
    1988-1999 : 55th Special Operations Squadron ( 55 SOS )
    2003 - 55th Rescue Squadron ( 55 RQS )

    Flew with the squadron in 76-77 out of Eglin as part of the SR crew. Good times and long flights. One in particular stands out looking for a Marine F4 crew that went down in the Gulf. Mission was extended for over two weeks because the pilot was the son of the Marine Commandant. Most reliable helicopter I ever flew in and terrific people.
    1982-1984, I was with the 55 arts. Was one of the first instrument techs to work on Blackhawks. Went to several army posts to learn avionics

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    News of 55th Rescue Squadron

    Chilean Black Hawk Pilots Trained in USA, 03-Jan-20 : #BlackHawk USAF 55th Rescue Squadron (RQS) hosted Chilean Air Force (FACh) pilots during an H-60 Subject Matter Expert Exchange. This was the second SMEE about the Black Hawk that took place in 2019. The 55 RQS flies the HH-60G Pave Hawk combat search and rescue (CSAR) variant

    1st SOW in operations Desert Storm, Desert Shield, 15-Nov-06 : HURLBURT FIELD, Fla ny Master Sgt Jeff Michalke , 16th SOW History Office - President George H.W. Bush ordered ground, sea and air forces to Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf as part of a multi-national operation named Desert Shield on Aug. 6, 1990.


    2003/    Davis-Monthan AFBKDMA
    1993/99Hurlburt FieldKHRT
    1971/93Eglin AFBKVPS


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    1982/    S-70 H-60
    1980/82S-61 H-3
    1973/90S-65 H-53
    1963/64H-43 Huskie
    1961/63S-55 H-19
    1953/56S-55 H-19

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