Sikorsky S-55 H-19
usa US Air Force

Del'd: 327 - 1951 to 1967


US Air Force S-55 H-19

On July 19 1952, two USAF H-19 Chickasaws make the first transatlantic crossing by helicopter

1952, i was the first crew-chief on hop-A-LONG at Bertonwood AFB, England with the 66 AIR rescue MATS. This went on a mission to safe the crew a light-houseboat. Fred Williams Jr.

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1962/6341st RQSHamilton AFB
1961/6754 ARRSPease
CA CFB Goose Bay
1961/6436 RQSJP Tachikawa
1961/6355 RQS
1954/6348th RQSEglin AFB
Maxwell AFB
1954/5738 RQS JP Misawa Air Base
1953/5655 RQS
1952/6467 ARRSUK Prestwick
UK RAF Sculthorpe
1952/6431st RQSRP Clark / Diosdado Macapagal
1952/6433 RQSJP Naha
1952/6036 RQSJP Tachikawa
JP Iruma Air Base
1952/6041st RQSHamilton AFB
1952/5866th RQS UK Kent International / Manston
1952/5434th WPSJP Kadena AFB
57th ARRSIT Aviano
UK RAF Lakenheath
PT Lajes

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