Robinson R66 Police

C/N 1158

Built 2022

Helicopter Robinson R66 Police Serial 1158 Register N911GJ used by Polk County Sheriff Office ,Robinson Helicopter. Built 2022. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History

For N911GJ see also
    2006 II 11054 w/o 2008
    2013 MD500E 0617E


usa Robinson Helicopter

2022-07Robinson Jul22 NVG-Compatible Cockpit for R66 Police
2022-08-30 Torrance, California
2022-09-29 Torrance, California
2022-10-01 Coolidge, Arizona
2022-10-02 Goldthwaite, Texas
2022-10-03 Bushnell, Florida

usa State of Florida

2022-10PCSO second R66 Police Polk County Sheriff Office
2022-10-11 Winter Haven, Florida
2022-11-11 Polk City, Florida
2022-12-12 Winter Haven, Florida
2023-01-11 Winter Haven, Florida
2023-02-10 Lakeland, Florida
2023-03-01 Newnan, Georgia
2023-03-12 Bartow, Florida
2023-04-11 Bartow, Florida
2023-05-11 Lakeland, Florida
2023-06-10 Lakeland, Florida
2023-07-11 Bartow, Florida
2023-08-10 Lakeland, Florida
2023-09-09 Winter Haven, Florida
2023-10-14 Bartow, Florida
2023-11-21 Winter Haven, Florida
2023-12-21 Winter Haven, Florida
2024-01-20 Winter Haven, Florida
2024-03-13 Winter Haven, Florida
2024-04-09 Valdosta, Georgia
2024-04-16 Bartow, Florida
2024-04-17 Winter Haven, Florida

Call sign for this aircraft: N911GJ

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