Sikorsky CH-3C

This model is a version of S-61 H-3

c/n 61-532

Year 1965 to unknown

Helicopter Sikorsky CH-3C Serial 61-532 Register 64-14229 used by US Air Force. Built 1965. Aircraft history


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usa 64-14229
US Air Force
Sikorsky S-61R, c/n 61-532, ff?
del USAF as CH-3C 64-14229, 03Dec65
conv CH-3E unk
status unk.
usa 64-14229
US Air Force
Sikorsky HH-3E Jolly Green Giant
usa 64-14229
US Air Force
Delivered to Naha Okinawa from a factory refit joining the 33 ARRS with 65-12777 and 65-12784
Lost during a recovery due to double compressor stall
Recovered by the Navy, and after the inquiry, believed to be scrapped on site, probably in 1970

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