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  • Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican

    This model is a version of S-61 H-3

    c/n 61-638

    Helicopter Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican Serial 61-638 Register 1476 used by US Coast Guard USCG. Aircraft history and location


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    For 1476 see also:
            212 c/n 31291


    usa US Coast Guard

    1971AKSPG, first assignment from factory was CGAS St. Petersburg at Albert Whitted Field Coast Guard Air Station St. Petersburg
    1974BPANTaug73-Mar74, flew in and loved this helicopter at USCGAS Annette Island Alaska, along with the 1484 and 1485 on many SAR missions up there with some great fellow crewmen
    HH3F was the best helicopter in the world and got me and my crew home every time up there!! Pilots Jud, Powers, Wade, Johnson, Cole, Huleatt, Fergusen, Powers, Webster, "Wheels" Tooley. Then to USCGAS San Diego until Oct 1975 Coast Guard Air Station San Diego
    1992-02-14CPima Air and Space Museum Exhibit wfu & stor AMARC as 440018, 14Feb92
    preserved at Pima Air Musuem, Tucson, AZ.
    1993CPima Air and Space MuseumPreserved at Pima Air museum from

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