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Coast Guard Air Station San Diego US Coast Guard

Coast Guard Air Station San Diego
The original facility was commissioned as an air station in April 1937. The base became Group San Diego in the 1960s and then Activities San Diego in the 1980s.

Today San Diego is responsible for a maritime area 200 nautical miles off shore from the U.S. – Mexico border north to San Mateo point and inland on navigable lakes and portions of the Colorado River in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

From 1969 through mid 1973 when I transferred, San Diego was the only west coast base with HH-3Fs. Numbers 35, 36, 38 and 73 were at San Diego in Sept69 when I arrived there. They replaced the Albatros and HH-52A

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News of Coast Guard Air Station San Diego

Coast Guard Rescues during Santa Barbara Mudslide, 10-Jan-18 : Coast Guard San Diego’ MH-60T Jayhawk assisted the Santa Barbara County Fire Department with rescues after heavy rains caused mudslides

USCG San Diego base 75th anniversary, 27-Dec-12 : SAN DIEGO – U.S. Coast Guard members celebrated the 75th year of operating the base located on North Harbor Drive in 2012.


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Coast Guard Air Station San Diego List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
62-067 hh-52a 1964 1386 : Entered service CGAS Miami 10apr64; xfer CGAS San Diego 01may65; CGAS San+
61-598 hh-3f 1433 : -Oct75 flew this bird along with the 1468 and 1479 in CGAS San Diego, CA
Carson Helicopters : Carson Helicopters at Perkasie, PA from May06
: wreckage at Carson Helicopters Perkasie Heliport
61-600 hh-3f 1968 1435 : at CGAS San Diego
61-601 hh-3f 1436 : at CGAS San Diego
61-603 hh-3f 1968 1438 : at CGAS San Diego
62-125 hh-52a 1442 : did not sink, remained afloat and was salvaged by USS Bristol County (LST-+
61-629 hh-3f 1467 : 1986 pictured (pic1) appear on the Top Gun movie with CGAS San Diego marki+
- 1467 : still preserved as mechanic trainer helicopter at Janesville, Southern Wi+
: Jun19 No longer at KJVL; School doesn't have this program anymore. I was +
61-630 hh-3f 1468 : -Oct75 flew this bird along with the 1433 and 1479 in CGAS San Diego, CA
61-635 hh-3f 1969 1473 : at CGAS San Diego
61-636 hh-3f 1969 1474 : Cmdr. Paul Lewis was at the stick. Flew with him in San Diego on the H3's.+
61-638 hh-3f 1476 : aug73-Mar74, flew in and loved this helicopter at USCGAS Annette Island Al+
61-641 hh-3f 1479 : -Oct75 flew this bird along with the 1433 and 1468 in CGAS San Diego, CA
61-663 hh-3f 1972 1486 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-663, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1486, 26Jul72; xfer AVTR+
61-674 hh-3f 1497 : late 60s-early 70s, my father was awarded medals for rescues performed in +
: 1978-1980 I flew at CGAS San Diego, my favorite ship. We also had the 1478
Evergreen Helicopters N63EV : Evergreen from Apr99; Jun14 expired
70-623 hh-60j 6002 : pictured (middle) at San Diego during Arizona Air National Guard 162nd F+
hh-60j 6010 : 2001-2005 CGAS San Diego
70-1585 hh-60j 6014 : Jan19 asg CGAS San Diego
70-1698 hh-60j 6016 : 2000 at CGAS San Diego
: 2008 at CGAS San Diego
70-1704 hh-60j 6022 : 11apr16 MH-60T type asg CGAS San Diego pictured (pic1) (pic2) over Gator+
: asg CGAS San Diego pictured (pic3) being deployed to Texas in support of+
70-1705 hh-60j 6023 : Sikorsky S-70B-5, cn 70-1705, ff?; ordered by USN as HH-60J 163823; del US+
: It's still in CGAS San Diego
70-1706 hh-60j 6024 : 13jan16 seen in San Diego
70-1788 hh-60j 6029 : 11mar17 MH-60T type CGAS San Diego at El Centro Airshow
70-1791 hh-60j 6032 : conv to MH-60T; 2010 CGAS San Diego
: MH-60T type stationed at CGAS San Diego
70-1954 hh-60j 6033 : conv MH-60T; 2010 CGAS San Diego; 2012 still
70-1956 hh-60j 6035 : CGAS San Diego
70-1958 hh-60j 6037 : Sikorsky S-70B-5, cn 70-1958, ff?; ordered by USN as HH-60J 164821; del US+
70-2281 hh-60j 6040 : Sikorsky S-70B-5, cn 70-2281, ff?; ordered by USN as HH-60J 164824; del US+
70-2282 hh-60j 6041 : conv to MH-60T; 2011 CGAS San Diego

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