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    US Coast Guard S-70 H-60

    The HH-60J Jayhawk replaced the HH-3F Pelican in US Coast Guard service. As an example of this helicopter effectiveness, on December 2000 a dramatic rescue took place 200 miles (322 kilometres) off the coast of Virginia, USA. The cruise liner SeaBreaze I suffered an engine failure during a storm and soon began taking on water. One US Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk helicopter rescued 26 crewmembers and another Jayhawk rescued the remaining eight. The helicopter with the 26 rescued sailors aboard, combined with its own four crewmen, set a new record for the most people aboard a single H-60.

    1992 : HH-60J Jayhawk Redesignated MH-60J
    2006 : SH-60F Oceanhawk ex US Navy, conv to MH-60T
    2007 : MH-60T Jayhawk MH-60J upgrades

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