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Coast Guard Air Station Sitka
Established 1977 after relocating from Annette, Sitka is Southeast Alaska's Premier Search and Rescue Service Air Station. Sitka area of responsibility (AOR) encompasses the entire Southeast region of Alaska from Dixon Entrance north to Central Alaska and from the U.S./Canadian border west to the central Gulf of Alaska.

Sitka has the most demanding flight environment for US Coast Guard aircraft operations. With 12,000 miles of isolated and rugged coastline including numerous remote villages and characterized by mountainous terrain, severe weather and vast distances between fuel caches and landing sites.

As of 2017, operates three MH-60T Jayhawk helicopters.

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Coast Guard Sitka Hangar Equipment, 07-Feb-19 : #HangarEquipment SAFE Structure Designs contracted to provide aviation maintenance tools for the Sikorsky MH-60T fleet based at US Coast Guard Station Sitka in Alaska


1977/    Sitka Rocky GutierrezPASI


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1994/    S-70 H-60
1977/94HH-3F Pelican

Coast Guard Air Station Sitka List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
61-599 hh-3f 1434 : 1986-1987 asg CGAS Sitka
61-629 hh-3f 1467 : 30may79 asg CGAS Sitka, Alaska, I flew on this aircraft during a Northern +
- 1467 : 2009 still preserved as mechanic trainer helicopter at Janesville, Souther+
: Jun19 No longer at KJVL; School doesn't have this program anymore. I was +
61-634 hh-3f 1969 1472 : 1972-1980 asg CGAS Sitka, Alaska. PO2 Collins, USCG aircrewman on many SAR+
- N500XL : Cinema Aircraft Restoration at Las Vegas, NV from Mar99; w/o 10jun00 coll+
61-639 hh-3f 1477 : 1979-1980 asg CGAS Sitka, Alaksa. I flew as an aircrewman on many missions+
61-657 hh-3f 1480 : 1979-1980 asg CGAS Sitka, Alaska; 25dec80 a/c 1480 was the first aircraft+
- : 2009 to Rescue Logistics ( ) in non flying condition for mo+
: Rescue Logistics Inc; 2011 pictured (pic2) (pic3) heavily reworked for mov+
61-659 hh-3f 1482 : 1986 asg CGAS Sitka
61-663 hh-3f 1972 1486 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-663, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1486, 26Jul72; xfer AVTR+
: May/June 1978: While doing Platform Pickup training at Sitka Alaska in Cre+
61-667 hh-3f 1490 : 1979 asg CGAS Sitka, Alaska. I was a PO3 aircrewman on many SAR missions i+
70-623 hh-60j 6002 : 11dec06 pictured (bot) at CGAS Sitka, Alaska on training. Dormant volcan M+
70-1588 hh-60j 6015 : 2018 asg CGAS Sitka
70-1699 hh-60j 6017 : conv MH-60T; jul10 CGAS Sitka
: w/o 07jul10 en route from Astoria, Oregon to Coast Guard station Sitka, Al+
70-1706 hh-60j 6024 : 18oct07 pictured (pic1) at CGAS Sitka following the annual Alaska Day Para+
70-1784 hh-60j 6025 : Jun18 pictured in CGAS Sitka, Alaska
70-1791 hh-60j 6032 : 2015 pictured in CGAS Sitka, Alaska
70-1955 hh-60j 6034 : conv to MH-60T; 2011 CGAS Sitka
70-1957 hh-60j 6036 : 2018 MH-60T type asg CGAS Sitka, Alaska
70-1959 hh-60j 6038 : conv MH-60J; 2010 CGAS Sitka
70-1576 sh-60f 6043 : Feb16 pictured in CGAS Sitka, Alaska
United States Naval Aviation 164097 : Sikorsky S-70B-4, cn 70-1576, ff?; del USN as SH-60F Oceanhawk 164097, unk+

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