Sikorsky S-61 H-3

HH-3F Pelican


Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican

This twin turbine, medium range, amphibious, all weather helicopter extended the Coast Guard offshore search and rescue capabilities. The HH-3F had a maximum speed of 142 knots with a normal cruise speed of 120 knots. Range: 650 NM. Maxi-mum Weight: 22,500 pounds. Design Gross Weight: 19,500 pounds. The Coast Guard purchased 40 H-3F's. The last one was delivered in 1973. The cost of the airframe not including the engines, avionics and government furnished equipment was approximately $900,000
The HH3F was manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft, Division of United Aircraft Corporation, Stratford, Connecticu. The HH3F is equipped with a single main rotor, twin engines rated at 1500 SHP each, a fully retractable tricycle landing gear, amphibious capabilities, and hydraulically operated aft ramp that may be opened in flight, on the ground, or on water, The HH3F may be used as a general purpose vehicle to locate, recover and render assistance to persons in distress. In addition it may be used for logistic support, reconnaissance, and general utility. The maximum span with the main rotor blades rotating is 62 feet. The maximum length of the helicopter with the rotor blades extended is 73 feet. The height over the highest point of the helicopter (tail rotor) is 18 feet 1 inch. The HH3F‘s maximum gross weight is 22,050 pounds. Normal crew includes pilot and co-pilot seated side-by-side in the cockpit with the pilot on the right side. To the rear of the cockpit is the cabin. Access between the cockpit and the cabin may be used in flight. A folding jump seat is provided in the cockpit entry. A sliding cargo door is located on the right side of the forward end of the cabin. An eight-foot ramp is located at the rear of the cabin. The cabin accommodates two crew-men and six passengers. Two large windows located in the forward cabin are used as search stations. Two electronics racks are located in the cabin, one immediately aft of the copilot and one in the aft portion of the cabin. A folding type navigator’s table is mounted on the electronics rack aft of the copilot and forward of the left crewman’s seat. Structural provisions are mad for 14 additional passenger seats and 15 USAF pole type litters the cabin is 6’6” wide, 6’ height, and 26’2 ½ “long. Eight feet of the length is ramp area. The cabin is equipped with tie-down rings for transportation of cargo. A 600-pound capacity hydraulic rescue hoist with approximately 240 feet of useable cable is suspended on a fixed truss over the cargo door. Two gas turbine engines are mounted side by side in the engine compartment which is located above the forward portion of the cabin. The engine drive shafts extend aft into the main gear box which is located in the transmission compartment. The main rotor assembly, to which the five rotor blades are attached, is splined to the main gear box drive shaft. The APU located aft of the main gear box is capable of driving the main gear box accessory section. The APU is used for engine starting and checkout of systems. A removable deflector is installed to reduce the possibility of foreign object damage to the engines


Engine: 2 x GE T58-GE-5 1500 shp
Capacity: 4 + 6
Length: (m) 17.45
Height: (m) 5.51
Blades: 5
Rotor diam.: (m) 18.9
Disc area: (m2) 280.5
Weight: (kgs)     Max: 22500
Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 222     Max: 263
Range: (km) 1200
Ceiling: (m) 4480
Rate/Climb: (m/min) 500

List of Operators of Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican

From Organisation with model HH-3F Pelican
usa US Coast Guard
    40 1968/94
usa Carson Helicopters
    S-61 H-3 1973/   

usa Evergreen Helicopters
    S-61 H-3
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61-586 1968 US 1430 : This was the first HH3F delivered to the USCG by Sikors+
apr69 to jul71 (aprox) at CGAS Brooklyn
21jul71 09:05hs helo operations USCGC Reliance (WMEC-61+
23Nov92 to AMARC/440027
1430 : 17may15 pictured (bot) wreckage at an Airsoft field in +
61-593 US 1431 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-593, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1431 +
61-597 1968 US 1432 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-597, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1432 +
to CGAS New Orleans as first operation unit with HH-3F
I was at CGAS Cape Cod when the 1432 was lost.This was +
The pilot, James Stiles was a friend of mine at CGAS Ko+
61-598 US 1433 : USCG HH-3F
to CGAS New Orleans as first operation unit with HH-3F
-Oct75 flew this bird along with the 1468 and 1479 in C+
1989/90 I was station in ATC Mobile Alabama. We did a u+
13oct92 pictured wfu at CGAS Elizabeth City
US : Carson Helicopters at Perkasie, PA from May06
wreckage at Carson Helicopters Perkasie Heliport
61-599 US 1434 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-599, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1434 +
to CGAS New Orleans as first operation unit with HH-3F
1986- asg CGAS Sitka
61-600 1968 US 1435 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-600, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1435 +
at CGAS San Diego
20 Apr 1972 collected a casualty with a head injury fro+
last active squadron CGAS Clearwater; july1992 AMARC pa+
61-601 US 1436 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-601, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1436 +
at CGAS San Diego
61-602 1968 US 1437 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-602, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1437 +
last active squadron CGAS Clearwater; oct1992 AMARC par+
61-603 1968 US 1438 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-603, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1438 +
at CGAS San Diego
10may80 I think CG-1438 might have been involved in the+
26may80 Time Magazine Nation The Jets Roar In
last active squadron CGAS Clearwater; jul1993 AMARC par+
This aircraft is currently being restored for static di+
61-629 US 1467 : at CGAS St Petersburg, Albert Whitted Field replacing +
crashed in Hollis Pass while on a MEDEVAC out of CGAS +
30 asg CGAS Sitka, Alaska, I flew on this aircraft duri+
1986 pictured (pic1) appear on the Top Gun movie with C+
, I flew on this helicopter while stationed in Kodiak A+
27may93 to AMARC/440035
21may04 i/a at Blackhawk Tech College, Janesville, WI a+
1467 : still preserved as mechanic trainer helicopter at Jane+
Jun19 No longer at KJVL; School doesn't have this progr+
61-630 US 1468 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-630, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1468 +
-Oct75 flew this bird along with the 1433 and 1479 in C+
1988-1991 stationed at Air/Sta Traverse City MI; 1992+
61-631 US 1469 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-631, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1469 +
1976-1978 was radio navigator. Once we hit hail in the +
1988-1991 flew as aircrew on 1468/1469/9691 at Air/Sta +
08jul10 sunk by Nautical Adventures Cookson
61-632 US 1470 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-632, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1470 +
CG 1470 is now at Southern Illinois University at Carbo+
61-633 1969 US 1471 : USCG HH-3F; I was A/C on 1471 when delivered from Sik+
07aug81 crashed into water in Gulf of Alaska while perf+
probably overhauled at ARSC after the crash in AK and r+
1989-1992 at CGAS Cape Cod, MA
61-634 1969 US 1472 : USCG HH-3F; delivered from Sikorsky to CGAS Salem
-1980 asg CGAS Sitka, Alaska. PO2 Collins, USCG aircrew+
22Mar93 wfu & stor AMARC as 440030
US N500XL : Cinema Aircraft Restoration at Las Vegas, NV from Mar99+
61-635 1969 US 1473 : UNKNOWN DATE, I was the Avionicsman when we ditched 147+
at CGAS San Diego
Jul 1979, operating from CGAS Cape Cod, rescued an inju+
w/o struck a high cliff and fell to the beach below o+
I was the radioman on duty at the air station when this+
Lost a good crew... knew Kevin McCracken. "No greater l+
I had duty the night of the crash; put Dr. Rockmore+
61-636 1969 US 1474 : at CGAS St. Petersburg, Albert Whitted Field
w/o 16dec72 crashed into Gulf of Mexico, W of Sarasota,+
Cmdr. Paul Lewis was at the stick. Flew with him in San+
61-637 US 1475 : 1st assignment from factory was CGAS St. Petersburg at +
, I qualified as an SAR Aircrewman on this while statio+
preserved at Technical College, Milwaukee, WI
I was privileged as a Flight Mechanic to take the 1475 +
61-638 US 1476 : , first assignment from factory was CGAS St. Petersbur+
aug73-Mar74, flew in and loved this helicopter at USCGA+
wfu & stor AMARC as 440018, 14Feb92; preserved at Pima+
Preserved at Pima Air museum from
61-639 US 1477 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-639, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1477 +
1st assignment from factory was CGAS St. Petersburg at +
-1980 asg CGAS Sitka, Alaksa. I flew as an aircrewman o+
61-640 US 1478 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-640, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1478 +
61-641 US 1479 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-641, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1479 +
-Oct75 flew this bird along with the 1433 and 1468 in C+
61-657 US 1480 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-657, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1480 +
14dec78 splashed in the Gulf of Mexico due to a generat+
1979-1980 asg CGAS Sitka, Alaska; a/c 1480 was the fi+
Sad to say the museum said coast guard colors werent fo+
Rescue Logistics Inc : 2009 to Rescue Logistics ( ) in non flyi+
Rescue Logistics Inc; 2011 pictured (pic2) (pic3) heavi+
61-658 US 1481 : USCG HH-3F
01dec81 suffered a loss of tail rotor while in hover. N+
1986 pictured during an Andrews AFB openday
last squadron CGAS Clearwater; sep1992 AMARC park code +
61-659 US 1482 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-659, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1482 +
asg CGAS Sitka
61-660 1970 US 1483 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-660, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1483 +
Last flight of USCG HH3F 1483 was on August 15, 1993 at+
took part in the search and rescue depicted in the movi+
61-661 US 1484 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-661, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1484 +
1973- asg CGAS Annette Island, Alaska with 1476 and 148+
24sep91 sustained severe damage while preforming a wate+
Currently in a hotel room at the Winvian in conecticut.+
61-662 US 1485 : USCG HH-3F ; wfu & stor AMARC as 440042, 05Jan94; sold +
1973-1974 I flew in this helicoper for 14 months while +
03oct91 asg USCG San Francisco pictured
61-663 1972 US 1486 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-663, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1486,+
May/June 1978: While doing Platform Pickup training at +
ASM Rick Gay was on that flight. They were very lucky t+
2011 pictured (pic2) preserved at National Museum Naval+
61-664 US 1487 : USCG CGAS Clearwater
1980s pictured at CGAS Clearwater
22jul93 to AMARC/440037; sold May06 to Carson Helicopte+
US : Carson from May06
61-665 US 1488 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-665, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1488 +
Airframe is now with the Aviation Warehouse, El Mirage,+
61-666 US 1489 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-666, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1489 +
asg CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico
61-667 US 1490 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-667, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1490 +
asg CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico
asg CGAS Sitka, Alaska. I was a PO3 aircrewman on many+
61-668 US 1491 : asg CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico
20oct77 responded to crash of Convair N555VM airplane w+
30Mar93 to AMARC/440033
61-669 US 1492 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-669 ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1492 u+
1974 pictured at CGAS Astoria ( not clearly seen, this +
1988 attached to CGAS Clearwater, while conducting hois+
24feb10: The museum is still open it just moved down th+
61-670 US 1493 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-670, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1493 +
US N62EV : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-670, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1493 +
61-671 US 1494 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-671, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1494 +
61-672 US 1495 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-672, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1495 +
61-673 US 1496 : USCG; CGAS Kodiak
pictured on a fuel stop at the US Naval Base AUTEC hel+
CGAS Clearwater; 24jan92 to AMARC/440017
noted at CGAS Clearwater (tmp out of AMARC?)
05sep95 removed from AMARC; preserved at Pratt, KS
61-674 US 1497 : USCG HH-3F
/74 originally delivered to CGAS St. Petersburg
late 60s-early 70s, my father was awarded medals for re+
1978-1980 I flew at CGAS San Diego, my favorite ship. W+
US N63EV : Evergreen from Apr99; Jun14 expired
40 C/N.

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