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Kodiak, Alaska

Satellite and aerial maps of Kodiak with nearby locations

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218.8 15PAHO Homer, Alaska
318.0 32PAWD Seward, Alaska
321.9 12PAEN Kenai Municipal, Alaska

57° 45' 0.00'' N - 152° 29' 38.41'' W
Kodiak Island, Alaska
Elevation: 78 feet

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List of units at Kodiak

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1947/    Coast Guard Air Station KodiakHH-52A Sea Guard
HH-3F Pelican
HH-65 Dolphin
S-70 H-60
MH Alaska206 1973/   

List of aircraft and events at Kodiak

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By Date | By Serial

1967 US Coast GuardHH-52A Sea Guard1424
1982 US Coast GuardHH-52A Sea Guard1425
1986-nov-02 accidentUS Coast GuardHH-3F Pelican1473
2011-may-07 US Coast GuardAS365N3 Dauphin 26605
2012-jan US Coast GuardHH-65 Dolphin6573
2012-jul US Coast GuardHH-65 Dolphin6599
2014-aug-14 US Coast GuardHH-60J Jayhawk6005
2014-aug-14 US Coast GuardHH-60J Jayhawk6006
2014-aug-14 US Coast GuardHH-60J Jayhawk6011
2014-sep US Coast GuardHH-60J Jayhawk6003
2014-sep US Coast GuardHH-65 Dolphin6544
2018-jan-03 US Coast GuardHH-60J Jayhawk6005

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