Boeing-Vertol CH-46D

This model is a version of 107M H-46 Sea Knight

c/n 2371

Year 1967

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-46D Serial 2371 Register 154020 used by US Marine Corps. Built 1967. Aircraft history

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usa 154020
US Marine Corps
Boeing-Vertol CH-46E
BV-107M, c/n 2371, ff?
accepted BuWepsRep, Morton, PA as CH-46D 154020, 19Oct67
xfer HMM-263 06Jan68
xfer H&MS-16 COSA, 21Feb68
xfer HMM-262, ET-13, 18Mar68
xfer H&MS-16 COSA 12Sep69
xfer HMM-364, YK-??, 26Nov69
xfer H&MS-36 COSA 23Feb71
xfer H&MS-36 04Apr71
xfer MARTD New Orleans 06Feb72
further unit xfers unk
conv CH-46E unk
unit xfers unk
xfer HMM-161, YR-11, Feb07
noted HMM-268, YQ-01, 28Oct08.
usa 154020
US Marine Corps
USMC in 2000 type:CH-46E /EM-02 HMM-261
usa 154020
US Marine Corps
AF Kandahar ( 2004 )
2004 asg HMM-266 in Kandahar, Afghanistan
usa 154020
US Marine Corps
28Jan09 stricken from the US Navy list.
usa 154020
US Marine Corps
US MCAS Camp Pendleton ( 2011 )
2010 preserved static display at MCAS Camp Pendleton

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