usa Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261

US Marine Corps

HMM-261 :

1951 to 2008    


Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261
Tail Codes
HM 1951/56 HMR-261
EM 1956/61 HMR(L)-261
EM 1961/08 HMM-261
Raging Bulls established April 5, 1951

1951 Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron 261 (HMR-261)
1956 Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron (Light) 261 (HMR/L-261)
1961 Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261 (HMM-261)

On 2008, after 42 years flying the CH-46 transitioned to the MV-22 Osprey and it is redesignated VMM-261

1957 Sep5/Nov28, they were aboard the USS Lake Champlain (CV-39) with HMR(L)-262 as part of NATO maneuvers, Operation Deepwater. At that time they were HMR(L)261
1962-1964, I was in HMM-261. We were deployed during the Missiles of October crises. We were on the USS Thetis Bay (LPH-6) carrier. We set off the coast of Cuba during the start and end of the crises.
1963-1964, we were in Da Nang hen we served on The USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2) carrier. We went back to Viet Nam when the director of South Viet Nam was overthrown. Thanks William A Martin, Semper Fi.
1962-1964, I found a lighter with the name T. J. Robinson #1816319 USMC Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261. I would like to return to family
1963-1964, I knew Bill Martin from TX, our CO was Col Shook of HMM-261 don't know if you are the same one
I also knew Bill Martin from TX I got the picture of him taken in the head in Vietnam

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1954/08MCAS New RiverKNCA
1951/54MCAS Cherry Point KNKT


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1966/08107M H-46 Sea Knight
1956/68S-58 H-34
1951/56S-55 H-19

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