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  • usa Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261

    US Marine Corps

    HMM-261 :

    1951 to 2008    


    Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261
    Tail Codes
    HM 1951/56 HMR-261
    EM 1956/61 HMR(L)-261
    EM 1961/08 HMM-261
    Raging Bulls established April 5, 1951

    1951 Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron 261 (HMR-261)
    1956 Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron (Light) 261 (HMR/L-261)
    1961 Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261 (HMM-261)

    On 2008, after 42 years flying the CH-46 transitioned to the MV-22 Osprey and it is redesignated VMM-261

    1957 Sep5/Nov28, they were aboard the USS Lake Champlain (CV-39) with HMR(L)-262 as part of NATO maneuvers, Operation Deepwater. At that time they were HMR(L)261
    Oct62, my dad Lt Johns was in HMR(L)-261 and HMM-261 both and on the Thetis Bay during the Cuban missile crisis. i have a patch similar to the one on this page except from HMR(L)-261 and also a patch that says HMM-261 at top and Detachment Alpha at bottom. weirdly it has pink background with a yellow butterfly (or moth), a broken (in 1/3) purple arrow, a stack of cash with per diem and a skull with horns. anyone have info on that? he was also was on the Princeton, was at Futenma, Iwakuni (by then Capt) but not sure if with this unit. by late 63 he was with HT-8
    1962-1964, I was in HMM-261. We were deployed during the Missiles of October crises. We were on the USS Thetis Bay (LPH-6) carrier. We set off the coast of Cuba during the start and end of the crises.
    1963-1964, we were in Da Nang hen we served on The USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2) carrier. We went back to Viet Nam when the director of South Viet Nam was overthrown. Thanks William A Martin, Semper Fi.
    1962-1964, I found a lighter with the name T. J. Robinson #1816319 USMC Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261. I would like to return to family
    1962– 1964 flight safety ( parachute rigger) Since helicopters didn’t carry parachutes we perform that duty very little but also other jobs such as volunteer strap gunner. Or Snipper. At that time in Vietnam you didn’t know who the enemy was. -
    1963-1964, I knew Bill Martin from TX, our CO was Col Shook of HMM-261 don't know if you are the same one
    I also knew Bill Martin from TX I got the picture of him taken in the head in Vietnam

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    1954/08MCAS New RiverKNCA
    1951/54MCAS Cherry Point KNKT


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    1966/08107M H-46 Sea Knight
    1956/68S-58 H-34
    1951/56S-55 H-19

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