1951 to 1960


US Marine Corps S-55 H-19

HRS-1/3, redesignated in 1962 CH-19E

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1952/59HMM-162MCAS New River
MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1952/58HMH-361MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1952/56HMM-263MCAS New River
MCAS Cherry Point
1952/56HMH-362MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1952/55HMH-363MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1951/60HMM-161MCAS Kaneohe Bay
MCAS El Toro
MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1951/60HMM-163MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1951/56HMM-261MCAS New River
MCAS Cherry Point
1951/54HMM-262MCAS New River
MCAS Cherry Point

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