MCB Camp Pendleton

Oceanside , California

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Fallbrook Community Airpark , California 11.3058L18
Carlsbad / Mc Clellan-Palomar , California 20.5160KCRQ
French Valley , California 36.9034F70
Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum , California 49.9156
Ramona , California 50.3125KRNM
Classic Rotors Museum , California 50.4124

  MCAS Camp Pendleton

1942 to present

33° 18' 4.8'' N     117° 21' 18.6'' W
8nm NW of Oceanside, California, Oceanside, California
Elevation: 78 feet

Camp Pendleton was recognised as a military base in Sep 1942. It is also known as Munn Field, after its first Marine Corps base commander. Originally it was a satellite of MCAS El Toro and was little more than a prepared dirt strip with hutted facilities. It wasn't until the end of the 1960s that the first permanent unit was based there. In Sep 1978 a Marine Corps Air Group arrived which required better facilities. It achieved full Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) status on 1 Apr 1985.  With the closure of MCAS El Toro in Jul 1999, the base has expanded again supporting a wide range of Marine Corps units.

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  List of units at MCAS Camp Pendleton

Years Unit
2023-    HMLA-367UH-1Y Venom, 209 AH-1 Cobra,
2016-    HMLA-775UH-1Y Venom, 209 AH-1 Cobra,
2015-    VMM-164V-22 Osprey,
2014-    VMM-364V-22 Osprey,
2009/22HMLA-469UH-1Y Venom, 209 AH-1 Cobra, UH-1N,
1999/14HMM-364107M H-46 Sea Knight,
1999/15HMM-164107M H-46 Sea Knight,
1999/13HMM-268107M H-46 Sea Knight,
1998-    HMLA-369UH-1Y Venom, UH-1N, 209 AH-1 Cobra,
1989/08HMLA-775UH-1N, 209 AH-1 Cobra,
1982-    HMLAT-303UH-1Y Venom, UH-1N, 209 AH-1 Cobra,
1979/12HMLA-367UH-1Y Venom, UH-1N, 209 AH-1 Cobra,
1977/92HMLA-369UH-1N, 209 AH-1 Cobra,
1971-    HMLA-169UH-1Y Venom, UH-1N, 209 AH-1 Cobra,
1966/68VMO-5UH-1E Iroquois,
1966-    HMLA-267UH-1Y Venom, 209 AH-1 Cobra, UH-1N, UH-1E Iroquois,
1966/68VMO-3TH-1E Iroquois,

  MCAS Camp Pendleton News

Marines Helicopter Support Team

Marines Helicopter Support Team

29-May-23 - US Marine Corps helicopter support teams or HSTs are responsible for the rapid transportation of cargo via helicopter #CLB15
Marines Deactivates HMLA-469 and Reactivates HMLA-367

Marines Deactivates HMLA-469 and Reactivates HMLA-367

28-Dec-22 - As part of Force Design 2030 initiative the US Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, CA deactivated Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron HMLA-469 and reactivated HMLA-367 which was stood down in Hawaii earlier this year #3MAW
Camp Pendleton Marines in Summer Fury

Camp Pendleton Marines in Summer Fury

24-Jul-20 - US Marines Light Attack Helicopter Squadron HMLA-169 conducted aerial gunnery training at NAF El Centro as part of Exercise Summer Fury with UH-1Y and AH-1Z helicopters #SummerFury
Marines AH-1Z Viper Storm Exercise

Marines AH-1Z Viper Storm Exercise

06-Apr-20 - Twelve Bell AH-1Z Viper gunship helicopters from USMC’ Marine Aircraft Group 39 (MAG-39) out of Camp Pendleton took part of exercise Viper Storm
Marines Received Last UH-1Y Venom

Marines Received Last UH-1Y Venom

15-Jan-19 - After 11 years, production of Bell UH-1Y Venom for the US Marine Corps came to an end with the delivery of 160th aircraft to HMLA-469 in Camp Pendleton, CA #Venom
Camp Pendleton Last AH-1W Super Cobra

Camp Pendleton Last AH-1W Super Cobra

26-Jul-18 - Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW) Site Camp Pendleton inducted the last Bell AH-1W Super Cobra to undergo the Integrated Maintenance Program (IMP) to keep it mission-ready but in storage #aircraft
HMLAT-303 Says Farewell to Their Last AH-1W

HMLAT-303 Says Farewell to Their Last AH-1W

06-Feb-18 - USMC training squadron HMLAT-303 transitioned from the AH-1W to the AH-1Z Viper and flew their last Super Cobra to the boneyard in Arizona
Wildland Firefighting Exercise 2017 Coming Up

Wildland Firefighting Exercise 2017 Coming Up

28-Apr-17 - A wildland firefighting exercise involving Marine units from Camp Pendleton, California’s CALFIRE, and the San Diego Sheriff’s Department will take place May 4
11th MEU in Pre-Deployment Training

11th MEU in Pre-Deployment Training

18-May-16 - U.S. Marines and Sailors of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) took part on a field training exercise to enable them perform a wide array of specialties as a Marine Air-Ground Task Force
Helicopter Rope Suspension Technique

Helicopter Rope Suspension Technique

12-May-16 - U.S. Marines performed Helicopter Rope Suspension Training (HRST) from UH-1Y Venom at Camp Pendleton, CA
01-Nov-15 Marines Evacuate Embassy During COMPTUEX
22-Sep-15 Marines HMLA-169 Vipers Test Their UH-1Y Venom
05-Sep-15 Dawn Blitz 2015 at Camp Pendleton
25-Aug-15 Recon Marines Hang With HMLA-369
18-Aug-15 HMLA-469 quickly responds to fires on Pendleton
10-Oct-14 HMM-364 has redesignation ceremony
02-Jul-14 Marines HMMT-164 celebrate 50 years
14-Apr-11 Camp Pendleton Completes Transition to the UH-1Y

List of aircraft and events at MCAS Camp Pendleton

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 AH-1J 160108
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 AH-1T 160799
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 AH-1T 161018
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-367 AH-1W 163942
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 AH-1W 162536
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 AH-1W 162537
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 AH-1W 162539
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 AH-1W 162544
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 AH-1W 162570
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 AH-1W 162573
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-369 AH-1W 163944
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-267 AH-1W 163953
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 AH-1W 164575
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 AH-1W 164576
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 AH-1W 164586
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 AH-1W 164587
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 AH-1W 164588
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 AH-1W 164589
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 AH-1W 164591
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 AH-1W 164592
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 AH-1W 164593
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 AH-1W 164594
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 AH-1W 165049
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 AH-1W 165272
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-369 AH-1W 165281
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 UH-1N 158231
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 UH-1N 158250
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 UH-1N 158258
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 UH-1N 158271
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 UH-1N 158281
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 UH-1N 158559
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 UH-1N 158560
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 UH-1N 158562
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 UH-1N 158773
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 UH-1N 158775
1995-oct homebaseHMLA-775 UH-1N 158782
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 UH-1N 159693
1995-oct homebaseHMLAT-303 UH-1N 159777

2005-jul HMM-166 CH-46F 156421

2007-aug USMC CH-46D 154817

2008-aug-28 HMLAT-303 UH-1Y 167793
2008-aug-28 USMC UH-1Y 166757

2009 HMLA-267 UH-1N 159208

2011 USMC CH-46D 154020

2012-feb-01 AH-1W 162544 / QT-440
2012-feb-20 AH-1W ?
2012-aug-22 HMLA-169 UH-1Y 168404

2013 HMM-364 /PF-15 CH-46D 153965
2013-may-13 USMC CH-46F 156426
2013-jul-25 HMM-268 CH-46D 154016

2014-apr-22 UH-1Y 167999
2014-may-11 HMM-164 CH-46D 154005
2014-jun-12 HMM-164 CH-46D 153998
2014-sep-30 HMM-364 CH-46D 153369

2015-jan-15 VMM-364 MV-22B 165851
2015-jan-29 hulkUSMC UH-1N 158284
2015-mar-25 USMC CH-46D 153383
2015-apr USMC CH-46D 153369
2015-apr USMC CH-46F 155306
2015-nov-24 HMLA-469 UH-1Y 168954

2016-may-09 HMLA-267 UH-1Y 168503
2016-sep HMLAT-303 AH-1W 165450

2020-oct USN SH-60B 164851

2022-oct-21 USMC CH-53D 156677

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