Del'd: 210 - 1964 to 1986


US Marine Corps UH-1E Iroquois

In 1962, the marines choose the UH-1B Huey to replaced their Kaman OH-43D Huskies. Designated UH-1E, the main differences with the Army variant included the use of all-aluminum construction for corrosion resistance, the use of marines compatible avionics, a rotor brake to rapidly stop the rotor on shipboard use and a roof mounted rescue hoist.

The basically similar TH-1E was the trainer variant and 20 were delivered in 1965.

After the arrival of UH-1N during the 1970s, survivors were handed over to the Navy mainly to HT-8 and HT-18 training squadrons.

There is some confusion regarding UH-1E numbers. 151299 c/n 6034 is not a UH-1E according to Bell, so the following numbers would be shifted by one

BuNos 151266 / 151299 : UH-1E c/n 6001 / 6034 - UH-1B engine Lycoming T53-L-11 1100 shp
BuNos 151840 / 151887 : UH-1E c/n 6035 / 6082 - UH-1C engine Lycoming T53-L-13 1400 shp
BuNos 152416 / 152439 : UH-1E c/n 6083 / 6106
BuNos 153740 / 153767 : UH-1E c/n 6107 / 6134
BuNos 154730 / 154749 : TH-1E - 20 trainers
BuNos 154750 / 154780 : UH-1E c/n 6135 / 6165
BuNos 154943 / 154969 : UH-1E c/n 6166 / 6192
BuNos 155337 / 155354 : UH-1E c/n 6193 / 6203
BuNos 155355 / 155367 : cancelled UH-1E

Every Marine UH1E that I worked (about 34 ) had the Elastomeric 540 rotor system (same as the Marine AH1G model Cobra, except they retained the stab bar), instead of the 204 wet head. Some had the air intake scope of the B/C models some had the particle separator basket. Several had been fitted with a chin turret including a 7.62 mini gun and a 40mm grenade launcher. The aircraft I worked on were with HML-267/HML-367 in 1974/1975.

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1972/86HML-776NAS Glenview
1971/80HML-771NAS South Weymouth
1968/76HMLA-367JP MCAS Futenma
1968/75HMLA-167 MCAS New River
VN Marble Mountain Airfield
1966/76HMLA-267 MCAS Camp Pendleton
1966/68VMO-5MCAS Camp Pendleton
1965/69VMO-2VN Marble Mountain Airfield
JP MCAS Futenma
1964/77VMO-6JP MCAS Futenma
VN Chu Lai Airfield
1964/70VMO-1MCAS New River

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