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VMO-6 : VMO-6

1920 to 1977    

Marine Observation Squadron 6 US Marine Corps

vmo strengthening exercises
Marine Observation Squadron 6
Tomcats, tail code WB received their first helicopter, the Sikorsky HO3S-1 (H-5) in 1950. They played an active role in Korea (pictured), where they replaced it later with Bell 47s and then again in the Vietnam War with the turbine powered Hueys UH-1E. The squadron was deactivated on January 1, 1977. Visit the VMO-6 Memorial for more information
In Jul 1950, the unit received 4 HO3S-1, alongside fixed wing OY-2 observation aircraft, to become worlds first mixed squadron (rotary and fixed wing).

It arrived in S Korea on 2 Aug 1950 and distinguished itself 2 days later, rescuing wounded from a battlefield near Chindongni.

I was a crewchief with VMO-6 during my tour in Nam 1967. The location listed Chu Lai airfield the helicopters of VMO-6 was located about 6 miles north of Chu Lai is where Marine helicopters were, name Ke-Ha (spelling?) south of Tam ky on the Map. During the summer of 1967 We relocated up north to Quang tri combat base several miles south of Dong Ha and the hell begin. Sempi-Fi, A.L Sutton, Cpl USMC crewchief VMO-6 1967
The correct Spelling for ""Ke Ha" is Ky Ha. On September 1, 1965, MAG-36, 1st MAW, disembarked from the USS Princeton to what became the Marine Corps Airfield, Ky Ha. VMO-6 was among the several MAG-36 squadrons to disembark, making a helicopter assault on that area. The MAG-36 had to provide it's own security while at Ky Ha due to no availability of Marine Corps grunt forces. The Ky Ha Airfield was not prepared and ready for the MAG-36 arrival and had only just begun building the heli pads. All MAG-36 personnel had to live in field conditions for several months until the whole airfield had been completed. This was during the monsoon season, beginning days after landing in South Vietnam. Living conditions were horrific. Regardless, VMO-6 and MAG-36 began operations in the Vietnam War within several days after it's arrival on September 1, 1965. I was assigned to VMO-6, MAG-36, 1st MAW, Republic of South Vietnam, then LCpl R L Britt, USMC. I departed VMO-6 on September 12, 1966, heading for MCSC, Albany, Georgia.

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1969/77JP MCAS FutenmaROTM
1965/69VN Chu Lai AirfieldVVCA


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1964/77UH-1E Iroquois

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List of Aircraft for VMO-6 / VMO-6
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
6016 UH-1E 151281 : VMO-6 w/o 07feb68
: VMO-6 /WB-9, I was the crew chief, we went back to Lang Vey to get a SOG m+
6017 UH-1E 151282 : VMO-6 w/o 14jan67
6021 UH-1E 151286 : VMO-6 w/o 10may67
6024 UH-1E 151289 : VMO-6 w/o 25feb68
6026 UH-1E 151291 : VMO-6 w/o 15feb68
6029 UH-1E 151294 : VMO-6 w/o 07jun68
6030 UH-1E 151295 : VMO-6 w/o 07nov68
6036 UH-1E 151842 : VMO-6 w/o 18aug67
6046 UH-1E 151852 : VMO-6 w/o 05apr67
6052 UH-1E 1965 151858 : USMC d/d Jun65 MCAS New River, NC; Jun65-Feb67 VMO-1 MCAS New River, NC; +
US Forest Service N121FC : US Forest Service 1987-2002
6057 UH-1E 151863 : VMO-6 w/o 02oct68
6058 UH-1E 151864 : VMO-6 w/o 18may68
6066 UH-1E 151872 : VMO-6 w/o 06feb66
6067 UH-1E 151873 : VMO-6 w/o 14nov66
6090 UH-1E 152424 : VMO-6 w/o 28feb69
6091 UH-1E 152425 : VMO-6 w/o 18may69
6125 UH-1E 153759 : VMO-6 w/o 08jul68
6127 UH-1E 153761 : VMO-6 w/o 24mar68
6133 UH-1E 153767 : VMO-6 w/o 26aug68
6144 UH-1E 154760 : USMC VMO-6 as WB-15; Aircraft flown by Maj Stephen Pless during the actio+
6145 UH-1E 154761 : VMO-6 w/o 25apr68
6189 UH-1E 154967 : VMO-6 w/o 11jun70
6190 UH-1E 154968 : VMO-6 w/o 11apr68
6128 UH-1E 1966 N911KK : Collings Foundation, Houston Texas from Feb02; Restored to VMO-6 colors

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