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    List of Helicopter Operators

    Military Forces
    Heil Ha'Avir
    Heil HaYam HaYisraeli

    Security Forces
    Mishteret Yisra'el

    Elbit Systems
    hata'asiya ha'avirit
    Lahak Aviation

    ofek tsilumey avir


    List of Manufacturers

    Tactical Robotics

    Aircraft Prefix


    Helicopter Operations

    1973 Yom Kippur War
    1967 Six Day War (Operation Focus)

    Israel News

    08-Nov-22 - First Bell 407GXi in Israel #Israel
    11-Jul-22 - Elbit X-Sight new Helmet Mounted Display for Helicopter Pilots #helmet
    21-Apr-22 - FMS AW119Kx Trainers for Israel #Israel
    23-Mar-22 - Israel’s CH-53K into Lot 7 Production #Israel
    18-Feb-22 - First Four Israeli CH-53K into Production #Israel
    26-Jan-22 - Israeli SH-60F Overhaul Contract #Israel
    04-Jan-22 - Israel Signed LoA for CH-53K King Stallion #Israel
    10-Oct-21 - Elbit Display for US Army Apache Helmet #helmet
    01-Aug-21 - CH-53K Approved for Israel #Israel
    20-Apr-21 - Boeing Support for Israel Apaches #Apache
        More News ...

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