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    List of Helicopter Operators

    Military Forces
    al quwwat al-jawwiya al-malakiya al-urduniya

    Security Forces
    Jordan Police

    Aircraft Prefix


    Helicopter Operations

    1958 Operation Fortitude

    Jordan News

    02-Nov-22 - Jordan Orders Ten Bell 505 Trainer Helicopters #Jordan
    24-Feb-19 - British Army in Jordan #OliveGrove
    25-Sep-17 - Luftwaffe H145M in Jordan
    13-Jan-17 - First Medical H135 in Japan Goes to Hirata Gakuen
    15-May-15 - HSC-84 in Eager Lion 2015 at Jordan
    05-May-15 - VIP UH-60M Black Hawk for Jordan
    15-Oct-14 - Royal Jordanian Air Force Purchases Eight R44
    07-Jun-14 - Canadian Special Forces in Jordan for Eager Lion
    23-Apr-13 - Black Hawk helicopters fit for Jordanian king

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