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Satellite and aerial maps of Akrotiri Bay with nearby locations

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11.7242LCRA RAF Akrotiri, Limassol
12.1244 RAF Akrotiri guardhouse, Limassol
18.2338 Apsiou, Limassol
28.9277 Bloodhound Camp, Limassol
30.3339 Pelendri, Limassol
31.6 11 nr Makheras, Nicosia (Lefkosia)

34 37 55 secs N - 33 5 46 secs E

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20-jul-7430-sep-74Partition of Cyprus

List of aircraft and events at Akrotiri Bay

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By Date | By Serial

1974-jul -UK Royal Fleet AuxiliaryOL classA122 RFA Olwen
1974-jul -UK Royal Fleet AuxiliaryOL classA123 RFA Olna
1974-jul -UK Royal Fleet AuxiliaryRegent classA486 RFA Regent
1974-jul UK Royal NavyCounty classD02 HMS Devonshire
1974-jul UK Royal NavyCounty classD06 HMS Hampshire
1974-jul -UK Royal NavyType 12 Rothesay classF106 HMS Brighton
1974-jul -UK Royal NavyType 12 Rothesay classF129 HMS Rhyl
1974-jul -UK Royal NavySeawolf Leander classF57 HMS Andromeda
1974-jul AkrotiriUK Royal NavyImproved Centaur classR12 HMS Hermes
1974-jul EvacuationUK Fleet Air ArmWessex HAS.1XP105
1974-jul-10 1974-sep-30 -UK Royal Fleet AuxiliaryRover classA271 RFA Gold Rover
1974-aug -UK Royal NavyIkara Leander classF114 HMS Ajax
1974-sep -UK Royal Fleet AuxiliaryRover classA273 RFA Black Rover
1983-dec-02 1983-dec-08 UK Royal Fleet AuxiliaryRover classA269 RFA Grey Rover
1983-dec-02 1983-dec-15 UK Royal NavyBroad Beam Leander classF12 HMS Achilles
1983-dec-02 1983-dec-08 UK Royal NavySeawolf Leander classF57 HMS Andromeda
2007-mar-01 Sea King Mk.4189+67

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