Akrotiri Bay


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Satellite and aerial maps of Akrotiri Bay with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
RAF Akrotiri , Limassol 11.5245LCRA
RAF Akrotiri guardhouse , Limassol 12.1244
Limassol General Hospital , Limassol 13.4308LCA18
Apsiou , Limassol 18.2338
Episkopi Range , Limassol 24.2284
Salamanca Barracks , Limassol 24.3282

  Akrotiri Bay

34° 37' 55'' N     33° 5' 46'' E

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  Operations at Akrotiri Bay

Dates Operation
20-jul-7430-sep-74 Partition of Cyprus

List of aircraft and events at Akrotiri Bay

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1974-jul -Royal Fleet Auxiliary OL class A122 RFA Olwen
1974-jul -Royal Fleet Auxiliary OL class A123 RFA Olna
1974-jul -Royal Fleet Auxiliary Regent class A486 RFA Regent
1974-jul RN County class D02 HMS Devonshire
1974-jul RN County class D06 HMS Hampshire
1974-jul -RN Type 12 Rothesay class F106 HMS Brighton
1974-jul -RN Type 12 Rothesay class F129 HMS Rhyl
1974-jul -RN Seawolf Leander class F57 HMS Andromeda
1974-jul EvacuationRN HAS.1 XP105
1974-jul AkrotiriRN Improved Centaur class R12 HMS Hermes
1974-jul-101974-sep-30 -Royal Fleet Auxiliary Rover class A271 RFA Gold Rover
1974-aug -RN Ikara Leander class F114 HMS Ajax
1974-sep -Royal Fleet Auxiliary Rover class A273 RFA Black Rover

1983-dec-021983-dec-08 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Rover class A269 RFA Grey Rover
1983-dec-021983-dec-15 RN Broad Beam Leander class F12 HMS Achilles
1983-dec-021983-dec-08 RN Seawolf Leander class F57 HMS Andromeda

2007-mar-01 MK41 89+67

2021-jun-292021 CSG21RN Queen Elizabeth class R08 HMS Queen Elizabeth

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