united kingdom Birkenhead

Birkenhead, England
United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Birkenhead with nearby locations

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0.0 0 Cammell Laird, England
2.0 20 Pier Head, England
2.1 18 Cruise Terminal, England
2.2316GBBRK Vittoria Dock, England
5.3 6GBLIV Canada Dock, England
6.1226 Murrayfield Hospital, England

53° 23' 17.28'' N - 3° 0' 34.42'' W

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List of aircraft and events at Birkenhead

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1976-aug-01 S-61A-1U-275
1985-may-01 Lynx mk80S-142
1985-may-01 Super Lynx mk90bS-142
1991-nov Royal NavyType 12 Rothesay classF126 HMS Plymouth
1995-dec-31 HH-60G Pave Hawk89-26205 / IS
1995-dec-31 Lynx mk80S-142
1995-dec-31 Super Lynx mk90bS-142
1998-sep-30 AS332 Super PumaTF-LIF
2002-sep-27 S-61N Mk.IIOY-HDO
2003-aug-12 AS332 Super PumaTF-LIF
2003-nov-26 Lynx mk80S-175
2003-nov-26 Super Lynx mk90bS-175
2005-oct-26 AS332 Super PumaTF-LIF
2006-may-27 HH-60G Pave Hawk89-26205 / IS
2006-oct-06 AS332 Super PumaTF-LIF
2006-oct-07 AS332C Super PumaLN-OBX
2007-jun-07 AS332L1 Super PumaTF-GNA / 1000
2007-aug-18 AS350B2 EcureuilTF-HDW
2007-sep-01 AS350B2 EcureuilTF-HDW
2008-mar-14 AS332C Super PumaLN-OBX
2008-apr-12 AS332L1 Super PumaTF-GNA / 1000
2008-may-24 AS332 Super PumaTF-LIF
2009-jul-04 230TF-HHS / 1017
2012-may-17 AS332L1 Super PumaTF-GNA / 1000
2018-jan 2018-oct-26 Royal Fleet AuxiliaryFort II class (1992)A387 RFA Fort Victoria
2019-feb Royal Fleet AuxiliaryTide classA136 RFA Tidespring
2019-aug Royal Fleet AuxiliaryTide classA137 RFA Tiderace

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