Cammell Laird

Birkenhead , Merseyside , England

united kingdom United Kingdom

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Birkenhead , England 0.0000
Pier Head , England 2.0020
Cruise Terminal , England 2.1018
Vittoria Dock , England 2.2316GBBRK
Canada Dock , England 5.3006GBLIV
Murrayfield Hospital , England 6.1226EGJ87

  Cammell Laird

1856 to present

53° 23' 17.28'' N     3° 0' 34.42'' W
Birkenhead, Merseyside, England

William Laird started as a boiler maker in 1824 at Wallasey Pool, and with his son John, built ships from 1828. It moved to its present site in Birkenhead on the River Mersey, opposite Liverpool, in 1856. William Laird and Charles Cammell amalgamated to become Cammell Laird in 1903. With the general malaise in UK shipbuilding, the company was nationalised by 1977 and was re-privatised in 1986 as part of Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd (VSEL).

The company closed in 1993 and reopened in 1995. By 2001 it went into receivership and was bought out by A&P, who eventually sold it to Northwestern Shiprepairers and Shipbuilders Ltd (NSSL) in 2003. NSSL focussed on repairs rather than building and on 1 Dec 2008, the famous Cammell Laird name was re-introduced.

The company has international alliances which have positioned it to win and extend Cluster contracts from the Royal Fleet Auxiliary to maintain availability of a number of vessels, globally.

As of 2011, Cammell Laird had 4 RFA Cluster maintenance contracts, numbers:
  • 3: RFA Bayleaf, RFA Orangeleaf, RFA Black Rover, RFA Gold Rover
  • 4: RFA Diligence, RFA Wave Knight, RFA Wave Ruler
  • 5: RFA Fort Austin, RFA Fort Rosalie
  • 6: RFA Fort George, RFA Fort Victoria

  • Clusters 1 and 2 were held by A&P Falmouth. From Jun 2013, Cammell Laird embarked on a 5 year extension to its RFA cluster contract, until 2018.

    During Oct 2018, the MoD announced renewal of a restructured Lot 1 RFA maintenance contract from Mar 2019 to Jun 2028, to consist of RFA Fort Victoria, RFA Fort Austin, RFA Fort Rosalie, RFA Wave Knight and RFA Wave Ruler. Cammell Laird was also awarded the Lot 3 RFA maintenance contract consisting of RFA Tidespring, RFA Tiderace, RFA Tidesurge and RFA Tideforce.

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    List of ships built at Cammell Laird

    1944Frigate Type 15 class
    1945Aircraft Carrier Colossus class
    1955Aircraft Carrier Audacious class
    1962Guided-Missile Destroyer County class
    1963Frigate Ikara Leander class
    1976Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class
    1986Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 42 (Batch 3)
    1989Frigate Type 22 (Batch 3) Cornwall class
    2019Support Ship RRS Sir David Attenborough

    1943-jul-9UK F53 HMS Undaunted Type 15 class
    1943-dec-30UK R63 HMS Venerable Colossus class
    1950-mar-3UK R09 HMS Ark Royal Audacious class
    1960-jun-16UK D02 HMS Devonshire County class
    1962-aug-16UK F114 HMS Ajax Ikara Leander class
    1973-jul-30UK D86 HMS Birmingham Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class
    1974-jun-21UK D118 HMS Coventry Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class
    1980-sep-25UK D92 HMS Liverpool Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class
    1983-apr-14UK D97 HMS Edinburgh Type 42 (Batch 3)
    1987-oct-7UK F86 HMS Campbeltown Type 22 (Batch 3) Cornwall class
    2018-jul-14UK RRS Sir David Attenborough RRS Sir David Attenborough

    List of aircraft and events at Cammell Laird

    By Date | By Serial | By Model

    1943-jul-09 RN Type 15 class F53 HMS Undaunted
    1943-dec-30 BirkenheadRN Colossus class R63 HMS Venerable

    1950-mar-03 BirkenheadRN Audacious class R09 HMS Ark Royal

    1980-sep-25 BirkenheadRN Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class D92 HMS Liverpool

    2008-sep-132009-aug RN Fearless class L11 HMS Intrepid

    2009-jun-082010-jan-09 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Rover class A273 RFA Black Rover

    2013-may-232013-may-27 BirkenheadRN Type 42 (Batch 3) D97 HMS Edinburgh

    2015-feb-052015-aug Royal Fleet Auxiliary Wave class A389 RFA Wave Knight

    2017-sep Pre-lay up refitRoyal Fleet Auxiliary Wave class A390 RFA Wave Ruler
    2017-sep-06 RN HAS.1 XV664

    2018 Phalanx fittedRoyal Fleet Auxiliary Wave class A389 RFA Wave Knight

    2020-may-072022-jun-14 PIP remediationRN Type 45 Daring class D33 HMS Dauntless

    2021-apr-29 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Tide class A137 RFA Tiderace
    2021-sep-152021-sep-20 PIPRN Type 45 Daring class D32 HMS Daring

    2022-jan Commissioners of Irish Lights Granuaile class ILV Granuaile

    2023-jan2023-sep-16 Royal Fleet Auxiliary MRSO (1) class K60 RFA Proteus

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