1962 to 1978    

D02 HMS Devonshire

UK Royal Navy

D02 HMS Devonshire

Flight Deck: DV
Call Sign: GHFW
Shipyard: Cammell Laird


History of UK HMS Devonshire D02

1959-mar-09Laid downLaid down as DLG01. Yard No. V.1284
1961-augTrialsTrials Conducted trials of minesweeping equipment fitted to 771 Sq Whirlwind HAR.5 XJ402.
1961-nov-13TrialsTrials Wessex HAS.1 XM920 embarked for 10 days of trials
1962-marAircraftAircraft assigned Wessex HAS.1 XM923/989-D for Ships Flt.
1964-marAircraftAircraft Ships Flt Wessex HAS.1 (still XM923) brought under 829 Sq administration, shortly after unit reformed
1964-julAircraftAircraft assigned 829 Sq Wessex HAS.1 XM832/404-DV for Devonshire Flt, delivered to ship overseas 31 Jul, (until c Oct 1964).
1964-julDeploymentDeployment Operation White Horse re-inforced the Alouette IIs of 24 Flt at Atkinson Field with its Wessex, while 1310 Flt was deploying from RAF Odiham.
1964-aug-01Port VisitPort Visit HMD Devonport Navy Days 1964 Ship open to visitors at Plymouth Navy Days 1964
1965-julAircraftAircraft assigned 829 Sq Wessex HAS.1 XS864/404-DV for Devonshire Flt (until Sep 1967).
1966-aug-27DeploymentDeployment HMD Devonport Navy Days 1966 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1966
1967-aug-26DeploymentDeployment HMD Devonport Navy Days 1967 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1967
1967-novDeploymentDeployment part of Task Force 318 to cover the British withdrawal from Aden during Operation Magister.
1971-marAircraftAircraft assigned 737 Sq Wessex HAS.3 XS149/403-DV for Devonshire Flt (until Apr 1974).
1974-apr-10AircraftAircraft Wessex HAS.3 XP105/403-DV assigned to Devonshire Flt.
1974-julDeploymentDeployment CY Akrotiri Bay Partition of Cyprus part of Task Force to Eastern Mediterranean during Cyprus emergency
1975-decAircraftAircraft assigned 737 Sq Wessex HAS.3 XP137/403-DV for Devonshire Flt (until c Apr 1976).
1976-sepAircraftAircraft assigned 737 Sq Wessex HAS.3 XM844/403-DV for Ships Flt (until Dec 1976).
1976-dec-13AircraftAircraft mouth of St Georges Channel Accident lost 737 Sq Devonshire Flt Wessex HAS.3 XM844 overboard during a night take off near the mouth of St Georges Channel.
1977-jun-25DeploymentDeployment Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, off Mother Bank
1978-sep-13 to Disposal List
1982 planned sale to Egypt collapsed. Her hangar was cannibalised for use in the repair to HMS Glamorgan, after Falklands damage.
1984-jul-16Fate: sunkFate: sunk expended as a target. Sunk by Sea Eagle missile launched by a Sea Harrier from HMS Illustrious and Tigerfish torpedos from HM Submarine Splendid.

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County class
5440light (tn)
6200full load (tn)
158.70length (m)
16.50beam (m)
6.10draught (m)
30max speed (knots)
60000power (shp)

4Naval Engine gas turbine
2Naval Engine propulsion system: COSAG
2Naval Engine steam turbines

2Missile Launcher Sea Cat
1Missile Launcher Sea Slug

2Naval Gun Mark 6 4.5 inch (twin 114mm)
2Naval Gun single 20 mm

1Naval Radar air search radar Type 965
1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 978
1Naval Radar air direction radar Type 277
1Naval Radar fire direction radar Type 901
1Naval Radar fire direction radar Type 903
1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 992

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Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland Wessex 11


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