CH single 20 mm

Naval Gun

Used by

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1943US Aircraft Carrier Casablanca class20
1944UK Aircraft Carrier Colossus class32
1944US Icebreakers Wind class6
1960UK Frigate Type 12 Rothesay class2
1961UK Frigate Type 81 Tribal class2
1962UK Guided-Missile Destroyer County class2
1965UK Landing Ship/Platform Dock Fearless class2
1965UK Support Ship OL class2
1967UK Support Ship Endurance (1967)2
1967FR Guided-Missile Destroyer Suffren class4
1972IN Frigate Nilgiri class2
1973UK Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 82 Bristol class2
1974UK Frigate Type 21 Amazon class2
1974FR Destroyer F67 Tourville class2
1976FR Corvette d'Estienne d'Orves class2
1978AR Corvette Drummond class2
1978UK Support Ship Fort I class (1978)2
1979GR Support Ship Aris class4
1980ES Coast Guards Anaga class1
1980UK Aircraft Carrier V STOL Invincible class2
1981NO Coast Guards Nordkapp class4
1983PL Support Ship Reliant class (1983)4
1983UK Frigate Type 22 (Batch 2) Boxer class2
1984IE Corvette Eithne class2
1987ZA Support Ship Drakensberg class4
1987UK Helicopter Carrier Argus class2
1988FR Guided-Missile Destroyer F70 AA class2
1991DK Frigate Thetis class1
1991NL Frigate Karel Doorman class1
1992UK Support Ship Fort II class (1992)2
1992FR Frigate Floreal class2
1993DE Support Ship 404 Elbe class2
1994DE Frigate F 123 Brandenburg class2
1996FR Frigate La Fayette class2
1998NL Landing Ship/Platform Dock Rotterdam class4
1998UK Assault Carrier Ocean class4
2003UK Landing Ship/Platform Dock Albion class2
2003UK Support Ship Echo class2
2008FR Guided-Missile Destroyer Horizon class2
2010ES Assault Carrier Buque de Proyeccion Estrategica4
2012FR Corvette Gowind class1


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1982-may-31 UK RFA Reliant A131 Support Ship Reliant class (1983) taken up from trade as mv Astronomer and entered rapid refit to provide helicopter support facilities, until 7 Jun 1982.

In Service

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US United States Naval Aviation
FR French Navy
AR Argentine Navy
US US Coast Guard
UK Royal Navy
NL Royal Netherlands Navy
BR Brazilian Navy
CA Canadian Armed Forces
AU Royal Australian Navy
NZ Royal New Zealand Navy
PK Pakistan Navy
CL Chilean Navy
UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary
IN Indian Navy
GR Hellenic Navy
ES Spanish Navy
NO Norwegian Coast Guard
IE Irish Naval Service
ZA South African Navy
BE Belgian Navy
PT Portuguese Navy
DK Royal Danish Navy
MA Royal Moroccan Navy
DE German Navy

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