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  • ES Anaga class

    Coast Guards


    Coast Guards Anaga class


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    319light (tn)
    44length (m)
    15max speed (knots)
    1Naval Engine diesel - MTU
    1Naval Gun Mark 22 3/50 inch (76 mm)
    1Naval Gun single 20 mm


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    ES Bazan Ferrol - Ria de Ferrol10

    List of Ships

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    ESSpanish NavyP-21Anaga19802010
    ESSpanish NavyP-22Tagomago1981--
    ESSpanish NavyP-23Marola19812010
    ESSpanish NavyP-24Mouro19812010
    ESSpanish NavyP-25Grosa19812012
    ESSpanish NavyP-26Medas1981--
    ESSpanish NavyP-27Ízaro19812010
    ESSpanish NavyP-28Tabarca1981--
    ESSpanish NavyP-30Bergantín19822010
    ESSpanish NavyP-29Deva2004--

    10 units


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    1980-feb-14LaunchedES P-21 Anaga
    1980-feb-14LaunchedES P-22 Tagomago
    1980-apr-11LaunchedES P-23 Marola
    1980-apr-21LaunchedES P-24 Mouro
    1980-oct-14CommissionedES P-21 Anaga as PVZ-21
    1980-dec-15LaunchedES P-25 Grosa
    1980-dec-15LaunchedES P-26 Medas
    1980-dec-15LaunchedES P-27 Ízaro
    1980-dec-15LaunchedES P-28 Tabarca
    1981-jan-30CommissionedES P-22 Tagomago as PVZ-22
    1981-jun-4CommissionedES P-23 Marola as PVZ-23
    1981-jul-14CommissionedES P-24 Mouro as PVZ-24
    1981-sep-15CommissionedES P-25 Grosa as PVZ-25
    1981-oct-16CommissionedES P-26 Medas as PVZ-26
    1981-nov-24Laid downES P-29 Deva
    1981-nov-24LaunchedES P-30 Bergantín
    1981-dec-9CommissionedES P-27 Ízaro as PVZ-27
    1981-dec-30CommissionedES P-28 Tabarca as PVZ-28
    1982-jun-3LaunchedES P-29 Deva as PVZ-29
    1982-jul-28CommissionedES P-30 Bergantín as PVZ-30
    2004-jul-23CommissionedES P-29 Deva
    2010-jun-11DecommissionedES P-21 Anaga
    2010-jun-11DecommissionedES P-23 Marola
    2010-jun-11DecommissionedES P-24 Mouro
    2010-jun-11DecommissionedES P-30 Bergantín
    2010-dec-3DecommissionedES P-27 Ízaro
    2012-jun-6DecommissionedES P-25 Grosa
    2015-novES P-22 Tagomago in FLOTEX training with SH-60B Seahawk

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