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Ferrol, Galicia

Satellite and aerial maps of Bazan Ferrol with nearby locations

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1.0294 Ferrol Naval Base, Galicia
22.8212LECO La Coruña, Galicia
55.4 66LEPV Costa Norte / Puerto de Viveiro / Celeiro Heliport, Galicia
66.1193LEST Santiago de Compostela - Labacolla, Galicia
72.8122LERO Rozas, Galicia
142.0193LEVX Vigo, Galicia

43° 28' 26.75'' N - 8° 13' 29.28'' W
Ria de Ferrol

Establised as Bazán in 1947. From 2000 was known as IZAR. In 2005 was taking over by Navantia

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List of ships built at Bazan Ferrol

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1953Destroyer Audaz class
1960Destroyer Oquendo class
1970Corvetteportugal Joao Coutinho class
1973Guided-Missile Frigate Baleares class
1974Corvetteportugal Baptista de Andrade class
1978Corvette Descubierta class
1980Coast Guards Anaga class
1982Coast Guardsargentina Mantilla class
1986Guided-Missile Frigate Santa Maria class
1988Aircraft Carrier V STOL Principe de Asturias
1991Corvette Serviola class
1997Aircraft Carrier V STOLthailand Chakri Narubet class
1998Landing Ship/Platform Dock Galicia Class
2002Guided-Missile Destroyer F100 Alvaro de Bazan
2010Assault Carrier Buque de Proyeccion Estrategica

1951-jan-24ES D-31 Audaz Audaz class
1951-sep-4ES D-32 Osado Audaz class
1951-sep-4ES D-35 Rayo Audaz class
1955-feb-24ES D-34 Furor Audaz class
1955-feb-24ES D-36 Ariete Audaz class
1956-sep-5ES D-41 Oquendo Oquendo class
1958-nov-12ES D-42 Roger de Lauria Oquendo class
1959-jul-15ES D-43 Marques de la Ensenada Oquendo class
1960-mar-29ES D-37 Temerario Audaz class
1961-feb-15ES D-33 Meteoro Audaz class
1961-feb-15ES D-38 Intrepido Audaz class
1961-sep-26ES D-39 Relampago Audaz class
1969-jul-5PT F484 NRP Augusto de Castilho Joao Coutinho class
1969-aug-16PT F471 NRP Antonio Enes Joao Coutinho class
1970-apr-11PT F485 NRP Honorio Barreto Joao Coutinho class
1970-aug-20ES F-71 Baleares Baleares class
1971-mar-30ES F-72 Andalucia Baleares class
1971-nov-3ES F-73 Cataluña Baleares class
1972-may-13ES F-74 Asturias Baleares class
1972-nov-21ES F-75 Extremadura Baleares class
1973-marPT F486 NRP Baptista de Andrade Baptista de Andrade class
1973-jun-3PT F487 NRP Joao Roby Baptista de Andrade class
1973-oct-6PT F488 NRP Afonso Cerqueira Baptista de Andrade class
1974-febPT F489 NRP Oliveira e Carmo Baptista de Andrade class
1975-jul-8ES F-31 Descubierta Descubierta class
1976-jan-26ES F-32 Diana Descubierta class
1976-jul-8ES F-34 Infanta Cristina Descubierta class
1976-sep-14ES F-33 Infanta Elena Descubierta class
1978-oct-17ES F-35 Cazadora Descubierta class
1979-apr-27ES F-36 Vencedora Descubierta class
1980-feb-14ES P-21 Anaga Anaga class
1980-feb-14ES P-22 Tagomago Anaga class
1980-apr-11ES P-23 Marola Anaga class
1980-apr-21ES P-24 Mouro Anaga class
1980-dec-15ES P-25 Grosa Anaga class
1980-dec-15ES P-26 Medas Anaga class
1980-dec-15ES P-27 Ízaro Anaga class
1980-dec-15ES P-28 Tabarca Anaga class
1981-nov-24ES P-30 Bergantín Anaga class
1982MA 501 Lieutenant Colonel Errhamani Descubierta class
1982AR GC-24 PNA Mantilla Mantilla class
1982-may-22ES R-11 Principe de Asturias Principe de Asturias
1982-jun-3ES P-29 Deva Anaga class
1983AR GC-25 PNA Azopardo Mantilla class
1983AR GC-26 PNA Thompson Mantilla class
1983AR GC-27 PNA Prefecto Fique Mantilla class
1983AR GC-28 PNA Prefecto Derbes Mantilla class
1984EG F941 El Suez Descubierta class
1984EG F946 El Aboukir Descubierta class
1984-nov-11ES F-81 Santa Maria Santa Maria class
1986-jul-23ES F-82 Victoria Santa Maria class
1987-jan-29ES F-83 Numancia Santa Maria class
1989-jul-19ES F-84 Reina Sofia Santa Maria class
1990-may-10ES P-71 Serviola Serviola class
1990-oct-30ES P-72 Centinela Serviola class
1991-apr-14ES P-73 Vigia Serviola class
1991-nov-22ES P-74 Atalaya Serviola class
1992-oct-23ES F-85 Navarra Santa Maria class
1993-jun-21ES F-86 Canarias Santa Maria class
1996-jan-20TH CVS 911 HTMS Chakri Naruebet Chakri Narubet class
1997-jul-21ES L-51 Galicia Galicia Class
1999-jun-14ES L-52 Castilla Galicia Class
2000-oct-31ES F-101 Alvaro de Bazan F100 Alvaro de Bazan
2002-feb-28ES F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon F100 Alvaro de Bazan
2003-may-16ES F-103 Blas de Lezo F100 Alvaro de Bazan
2004-nov-12ES F-104 Mendez Nuñez F100 Alvaro de Bazan
2009-sep-22ES L-61 Juan Carlos I Buque de Proyeccion Estrategica
2010-novES F-105 Cristobal Colon F100 Alvaro de Bazan

List of aircraft and events at Bazan Ferrol

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2012-nov 2014-jun-12 DZ Algerian National NavyKalaat Beni class473 Kalaat Beni Rached

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